23+ Great Gender Reveal Gifts For Mom And Dad

gender reveal gifts for mom and dad

Are you looking for the perfect gender reveal gifts for mom and dad, this blog is for you.

While we’ve fully accepted baby showers, gender reveal parties have yet to establish a firm foothold in the baby world. Many people obviously have reservations about gender reveal events. Views are divided on whether the celebration is worth the hoopla or whether gifts are anticipated during the gathering.

Whatever the case may be, we can’t stop rejoicing with friends who choose to throw a gender reveal party, and if you’ve determined that you’re not going to that party empty-handed, our list of ‘what to bring to a gender reveal party’ will help you choose your gift.

Perfect Gender Reveal Gift Ideas For Mom And Dad

1. Baby Willow Figurine

This figure captures the joy of fatherhood well. When they are celebrating their child’s gender, honour them with this emotional item as a present. If you’re wondering what to bring to a gender reveal, this is the perfect gender reveal gift for mom and dad to give.

Baby Willow Figurine

2. T-shirt For Baby

Sometimes both parents agree not to find out the gender of their children until the gender reveal celebration. In such cases, parents are frequently tense, especially if they are anticipating a specific gender. It is critical to urge them to unconditionally adore their child regardless of gender.

T-shirt For Baby

3. Couple of Mugs

This package is simple, lovely, and a wonderful way to congratulate soon-to-be parents on the approaching arrival of their child! It includes a mug for both parents and a onesie for the baby. It also arrives elegantly packaged, so all you have to do is wrap it in ribbon and you’re done.

Couple of Mugs

4. Sophie The Giraffe Set

This adorable little giraffe is now available in a set with a rattle. It is attractively packed and would make an excellent gender reveal gift for mom and dad. Not to add, these would look wonderful in the nursery while you wait for the baby to arrive! A fantastic option for cute and functional gender reveal presents.

Sophie The Giraffe Set

5. Maternity Gown

Your pregnant pals will appreciate a fashionable maternity robe both now and after the baby arrives. This present is great because it includes a matching swaddle blanket for a newborn. As a result, once the baby is delivered, expecting moms can match it with their newborn at the hospital.

The matching gown and swaddling blanket combination will make their hospital photos or first hospital image extra special. I gave this set to my pregnant friends as a gender reveal present, and it was well-loved during and after pregnancy. And their first photo in this series after birth made it into the baby book.

Maternity Gown

6. Pregnancy Pillow

Sleepless nights are frequent for pregnant women during the second and third trimesters of their pregnancy. An expectant mother’s ability to sleep peacefully without tossing and turning is hampered by the growing fetus. Thus, the organic pregnancy pillow is the ideal gender reveal present that your pregnant friend will truly use.

This pregnancy pillow is made of 100% natural, Oeko-tex-certified wool. This indicates that the pillow is free of harmful chemicals, bleach, and dye. This pregnancy pillow is fantastic since it is mouldable and can be wrapped entirely around the curve of a pregnant woman’s neck, shoulder, spine, and pelvis while keeping their neck, shoulder, spine, and pelvis aligned.

It will assist patients in reducing neck, back, and hip pain. And it would be a perfect gender reveal gift idea for mom and dad.

Pregnancy pillow

7. Spa Gift Box

Who wouldn’t appreciate a spa-at-home gift box? Your pregnant friend will appreciate the peaceful, soothing aromatherapy experience that comes with this spa gift box after a hard day of work.

Essential oil soap, bath salt, shower steamer, organic lip balm, and organic rose tea are included in the spa gift package. Even better, when purchasing a spa gift box for a pregnant friend, you have eight alternatives to pick from.

All of the items in the gift box are handcrafted from natural skincare ingredients. Another comparable gift gender reveals idea for a mom and dad box that you might appreciate is this one.

Spa Gift Box

8. Portable Playmat

Do you know what one of the best genders reveal gifts for mom and dad is? Something that will make parenting a little easier for new parents. This portable playmat is extremely soft and ideal for tummy time. It has 1 inch of comfortable padding and is breathable and hypoallergenic.

We had one of our rookie mothers try it out, and she raved about it! Of course, her favourite aspect was how effortlessly she could fold it up and take it with one hand to other sections of the house to plonk down.

Portable Playmat

9. Infinity Bracelet

With this amazing Infinity bracelet, you may reassure your pregnant friend about how wonderful she will be as a mother. This contemporary 14K or 18K white or yellow gold bracelet comes with an add-on personalized circular charm. You can also buy a stamped letter or number charm for the bracelet.

The satellite chain is adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. For a gender reveal occasion, let your expectant buddy feel extra special with this lovely infinity bracelet.

Infinity Bracelet

10. Ultrasound Picture Frame

If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind present for a pregnant friend’s gender reveal, consider this adorable wooden ultrasound photo frame that she may keep as a souvenir.

This semi-handcrafted ultrasound photo frame is shaped like a pregnant woman and contains a spot in the hardwood frame for an ultrasound photograph. It’ll be an adorable keepsake that your pregnant buddy will cherish for years to come.

Ultrasound Picture Frame

11. Pregnancy Journal

If your expectant friend doesn’t already have one, a pregnancy planner/journal can be a thoughtful gift. This printable pregnancy journal/planner includes space for photographs of prenatal milestones, trimester-to-do lists, blank pages for writing, a weight tracker, a space to write a birth story, infant pictures, breastfeeding, and diaper logs.

This pregnancy diary is fantastic genders reveal gift idea for mom and dad because it is a digital copy, so your pregnant friend may print what she needs.

Pregnancy Journal

12. Sonogram Keychain

Dads-to-be will be overjoyed to carry the baby’s sonogram photo with them wherever they go on their keychain. The keychain is double-sided, with a sonogram image on one side and words on the other.

The best feature is that you can change the text. Include phrases like “You will be a fantastic Parent” to make it a gender-reveal-friendly gift.

Note: Because the keychain requires an ultrasound image, you must obtain one ahead of time.

Sonogram Keychain

13. Dad Milestone Gift

Dad’s achievement for gender reveals party, a 6 pack of beer labels is all you need to give him a taste of fatherhood. This 6-pack of beer label present for a father-to-be is a big hit at a gender reveal party or baby shower.

These labels are easy to peel, top-coated, and adhere to a beer bottle. They are also resistant to water, tear, abrasion, and chemicals.

Dad Milestone Gift

14. Instant Pot

As the baby arrives, new parents do not have time to prepare meals. So why not give them something that will allow them to spend less time cooking? Once the baby arrives, the instant pot will make their lives much easier. It makes the perfect gender reveal gift idea for mom and dad.

Instant Pot

15. Gift Box For a Baby

A gender reveals party would be complete without these extremely cute infant booties, hats, and rattle gift packages. The bottles are made of 100% merino yarn, while the cap is made of 100% merino wool.

This gift box contains entirely handmade products. The botties and hat size are ideal for a newborn, allowing parents to dress their child in this adorable hat and botties on the way home from the hospital in the winter.

Gift Box for a Baby

16. White Noise Machine

Baby sleeps comfortably when he or she hears familiar sounds from the womb. A white noise machine simulates the sounds heard in the womb to help newborns sleep. Not all adorable night light projectors with white noise are suitable for infants.

In fact, projecting light in any colour other than red disrupts the baby’s slumber. Here’s one with white noise to assist the baby’s sleep while also providing some light to help mama change the diaper and feed the baby without waking them up.

White Noise Machine

17. Baby Grooming Kit

All newborns, boy or girl, require a lot of cleanups. There are various pre-assembled setups available (such as this one), or you may put one together yourself. Towels, washcloths, a thermometer, infant, and baby nail clippers, and wipes can all be included.

Baby Grooming Kit

18. Baby Books

The expecting parents would most likely appreciate having books to read to their new bundle of joy. You definitely can’t go wrong with the oldies or your old favourites. A few good choices include The Giving Tree, Guess How Much I Love You, and Goodnight Moon.

Also, keep in mind that board books are a terrific idea because the baby can play with them as well.

Baby Books

19. Baby Socks

Moms might steal the spotlight and affection at gender reveal parties but babies don’t care. They decide who they want at any given time and moms cannot steal such a spotlight. These pair of socks should remind dads of the love that is just around the corner.

Baby Socks

20. Massage Machine

During pregnancy, pregnant women will often face aches and pains. Owning a massage device will help pregnant women relax and feel more comfortable. She will surely be touched by your subtlety.

Massage Machine

21. Tumbler For Coffee

Infants consume a lot of time, and they can make some pretty significant messes.

When you think about sleep deprivation and the desire for caffeine, don’t forget about dad.

Buying him a good tumbler to keep his coffee or drink in is a lovely gift idea you may give him. You can also customise it with his name or a pleasant statement.

Tumbler For Coffee

22. A Lovely Wallet

Every day, a father will bring his wallet with him. Buying him a new one of good quality would let his parents ensure that everything he carries is safe and secure.

He will progress from carrying only the necessities to bringing insurance cards for the baby and other extras.

A Lovely Wallet

23. Tummy Time Mat

Parents will love having a safe and soft place for their infant to rest when they are on their bellies. As a gift, get a neutral-coloured mat for their child.

Extra points if it has a toy bar attached to keep the baby entertained as they sleep on their backs.

Tummy Time Mat

24. Heartbeat Monitor

This is a gift for a serious friend who isn’t scared to spend money. New parents are continuously concerned about their child’s well-being. You can relieve a lot of worry by offering a fetal heartbeat monitor.

This is a gender reveal gift idea for mom and dad that will last a lifetime. If they have any more children, they will be able to utilize it for all of them. And it works equally well whether the baby is a boy or a girl.

Heartbeat Monitor

25. Customized Baby Blanket

Embroider the words “It’s A Boy” or “It’s A Girl” on a personalized baby blanket. This is a unique gender reveal gift idea that can be cherished for years. It will also make an excellent nursery décor and serve as a reminder of the joyous day when the parents learned the gender of their child.

Depending on the baby’s gender, choose blue or pink cloth. For an added personal touch, the blanket can be personalized with the baby’s name or special notes!

Customized Baby Blanket


 What Kind Of Present Should You Bring?

If you bring gifts to a gender reveal party, the gifts should be oriented toward the expecting parents. When you don’t know the gender yet, expecting gender reveal events to include baby gifts makes it much more challenging.

This does not preclude you from bringing a gift for the baby to a gender reveal celebration. You just need to make it a gender-neutral gift so the expecting mother doesn’t have to return or exchange anything.

If you want to keep with tradition and get something for the mom or dad-to-be, the baby shower will provide you with the opportunity to spoil the new baby. The infant is the focus of the gifts during the party.

When Should You Give A Gender Reveal Gift To Mom And Dad?

Gender reveal gift ideas can be difficult to come up with when you don’t know what gender you’re expecting. Often, neither do the parents.

Because external genitalia does not appear on a fetus until 8-12 weeks gestation, the celebration is usually held in the second trimester.

Even so, many women are unaware until their 20-week ultrasound. This means that the gender reveals party will take place a month or more before the shower and just after the 20-week point in the pregnancy.


You do not need to bring the gift to the gender reveal celebration. Bringing a present to a gender reveal party, on the other hand, implies that you are contributing to a celebration involving a pregnant mother and a newborn. So, Ohteeshirt hopes you enjoy these gender reveal gifts for mom and dad and a newborn.

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