18+ Creative Halloween Door Decorations For Classroom

Halloween door decorations for classroom

As Halloween approaches, there is excitement in the air for both students and teachers alike. Everyone looks forward to the spooky costumes, pumpkin carving, and the thrill of ghost stories. One of the most fun ways to get into the spirit of Halloween is to decorate your classroom door. It’s a simple and fun way to make your classroom stand out and create a spooky atmosphere.

Halloween door decorations can be an excellent opportunity to get creative and involve students in a fun activity. When it comes to decorating for Halloween, there are endless possibilities that can make your door look creepy or cute, depending on your style. From spider webs and ghosts to pumpkins and skeletons, there is no shortage of inspiration for Halloween door decorations.

While some teachers may go all out with elaborate decorations, others prefer a more subtle approach. Adding a little Halloween flair to your classroom door can be a great way to engage your students and create a fun and festive environment. Check out the Halloween door decorations for classroom below if you are looking for the best Halloween decoration ideas.

Halloween Classroom Door Decoration Ideas

1. Charlie Brown’s Door

Halloween is a fun and exciting time for students of all ages, and decorating the classroom can be a great way to get them in the spirit. One creative idea for Halloween door decorations is to create a Charlie Brown door. This can be achieved by using black construction paper to create the outline of Charlie Brown’s head, and then adding the iconic zigzag pattern on yellow construction paper.

Students can also add other details, such as Charlie Brown’s signature shirt, to make the door more recognizable. Not only is a Charlie Brown door decoration a fun and creative way to celebrate Halloween, but it also offers an opportunity for students to practice their artistic skills and work together as a team.

By collaborating on the design and construction of the decoration, students can develop critical social skills and learn the value of teamwork. Additionally, a festive classroom environment can help to create a positive and engaging learning environment, which can have a powerful impact on student’s academic success.

Charlie Brown's Door

2. Jack-O-Lantern Door

As a teacher, it is important to get into the festive spirit and create a fun and engaging classroom environment for your students. One way to do this is by incorporating Halloween door decorations into your classroom. The Jack-O-Lantern door is a classic and timeless decoration that is perfect for this spooky holiday.

An easy and imaginative Halloween classroom door décor idea is to make a Jack-O-Lantern door. All you need is orange and black construction paper, scissors, glue, and your imagination. Begin by cutting out the shape of a pumpkin from the orange construction paper. Then, cut out black triangles for the eyes and nose, and a smiling mouth.

Glue the features onto the pumpkin shape and voila! You have a Jack-O-Lantern decoration for your classroom door. This decoration is sure to add a festive touch to your classroom and make your students excited for the Halloween season.

Jack-O-Lantern Door

3. Candy Corn Door

Halloween is a festive occasion that is often celebrated with decorations and costumes. One popular way to decorate for creative Halloween classroom door decorations is by creating a candy corn door for classroom or home decorations. This colourful and whimsical decoration is easy to make and is sure to add a festive touch to any space.

Begin by gathering items such as yellow, orange, and white streamers, scissors, and tape to make a candy corn door. Begin by cutting the streamers into equal-length strips and taping them in a pattern on the door, beginning with yellow at the top, orange in the centre, and white just at the bottom.

Continue alternating the colours until the entire door is covered. Once the door is covered, add some finishing touches such as a paper or felt stem and leaves to complete the candy corn look. With a little creativity and attention to detail, a candy corn door can be a fun and festive addition to any Halloween decor.

Candy Corn Door

4. Beware of Zombies Door

When it comes to decorating a classroom for Halloween, it is important to strike a balance between fun and appropriate. While students may enjoy seeing spooky decorations, it is important to ensure that the decorations do not stray into inappropriate or offensive territory. One option that can strike this balance is the “Beware of Zombies” door decoration.

This decoration can be both fun and spooky, while still remaining appropriate for a classroom setting. To create the “Beware of Zombies” door decoration, teachers can use black construction paper to create a silhouette of a zombie. This silhouette can then be attached to the door, along with the message “Beware of Zombies” written in spooky lettering. Additional decorations, such as spider webs or fake blood, can be added to enhance the spooky effect.

This decoration can also be a fun opportunity for students to get involved in the decorating process by helping to create the zombie silhouette or adding their own artistic touches. Overall, the “Beware of Zombies” door decoration can be a great addition to a classroom’s Halloween decor, striking the balance between fun and appropriate.

Beware of Zombies Door

5. Frankenstein Door

Classroom teachers often decorate their doors to add some festive flair and to make their rooms more inviting for students. One popular theme for Halloween decorations is Frankenstein, the classic monster created by Mary Shelley. Creating a Frankenstein door for Halloween door decorations for the classroom is a great way to add some spooky fun while also incorporating a literary reference.

To create a Frankenstein door, teachers can start by covering the door with green paper or fabric to represent the monster’s skin. Then, they can add black construction paper strips to create the monster’s hair and eyebrows. Adding a cut-out of the monster’s iconic bolts on either side of the head can also add an extra level of detail.

Teachers can also use construction paper to create the monster’s facial features, such as his nose and mouth, or even use googly eyes for a more whimsical touch. With a little creativity and some basic supplies, teachers can easily create a Frankenstein door that will delight their students and add some spooky fun to their classroom.

Frankenstein Door

6. Spider Door

One popular decoration that you can create for your classroom is a spider door. This decoration is easy to make and can be completed in just a few steps, making it a great activity to involve your students in. To make a spider door, you will need black construction paper or cardstock, scissors, and tape.

First, cut out a large black spider body and eight long legs from the construction paper or cardstock. Next, attach the spider body to the top of the door using tape. Then, attach the legs to the bottom of the door, making sure they are evenly spaced and sticking out in different directions. You can also add some fake spider webs or plastic spiders to complete the look.

This decoration is sure to spook your students and create a fun and festive atmosphere in your classroom.

Spider Door

7. Spooky Students Door

A spooky student’s door is a great way to engage and excite children, as well as provide a fun and educational activity. This Halloween classroom door decor idea can be created using simple materials and can be customized to fit the age and interests of the students.

To create a spooky student’s door, first, choose a design that will resonate with the children. Ideas can include a classroom full of monsters, a haunted school hallway, or a spooky science lab. Next, gather materials such as construction paper, markers, and glue, and plan out the design on paper before starting to create.

Once the design is finalized, begin cutting out and glueing the various components onto the door. This could include adding monster eyes, spiderwebs, or even a skeleton. The end result will be a door that is both fun and educational for the students.

Spooky Students Door

8. Simple Mummy Door

The simple mummy door decoration is a great Halloween classroom door decoration idea for teachers who want to create a spooky and fun environment without spending a lot of time or money. To create a simple mummy door decoration, teachers will need a few basic supplies such as white streamers, black construction paper, and googly eyes.

Begin by covering the entire door in white streamers, using tape to secure them in place. Cut two large circles out of black construction paper for the mummy’s eyes and attach them to the door using tape or glue. Finally, cut strips of white streamer and criss-cross them over the door to create the mummy’s bandages.

Add googly eyes to the bandages to give the mummy a fun and playful look. This decoration is easy to create and is sure to delight students as they enter the classroom on Halloween.

Simple Mummy Door

9. Monsters, Inc. Theme

One popular idea is to use a Monsters, Inc. theme for your door decoration. To create a Monsters, Inc. door decoration, you can start by covering your door with blue or purple paper to represent the colours of the movie.

You can then cut out different shapes and sizes of monsters from colourful construction paper and arrange them on the door. You can add eyes, mouths, and other features with markers or coloured pencils. You can also add the Monsters, Inc. logo or other movie-related graphics to the decoration.

Monsters, Inc. theme

10. Dracula Door

A well-decorated door can create a festive atmosphere and engage students in the holiday spirit. Among the numerous Halloween door decoration ideas out there, Dracula door decorations are a popular choice for classrooms. To create a Dracula door decoration, you will need some basic supplies such as black and white construction paper, scissors, glue, and red paint or markers.

You can cut out a black cape shape from the construction paper and glue it onto the door. Then, create a white collar by cutting a semi-circle shape and attaching it to the top of the cape. To make the vampire’s teeth, cut out two white triangles and glue them to the bottom of the collar. Finally, use red paint or markers to make blood drips coming from the teeth.

You can also add a black hat, red bow tie, and white face paint to complete the look. This simple but effective decoration will surely get students into the Halloween spirit and create a fun and spooky atmosphere in the classroom.

Dracula Door

11. Oogie Boogie Door

One creative idea for Halloween door decorations is to create an Oogie Boogie Door Classroom. Oogie Boogie is a popular character from the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and is known for his menacing personality and love for gambling. This door decoration idea will surely impress students and make them excited for the Halloween season.

To create an Oogie Boogie Door Classroom, start with a black background and add green felt or fabric to represent Oogie Boogie’s skin. Use white foam or paint to create his signature stitching and add a large, menacing mouth with sharp teeth. Add playing cards, dice, and other casino-related items to complete the theme.

This door decoration can also be accompanied by spooky music and lighting to create a truly immersive experience for students. Halloween door decorations like this can be a great way to engage students and create a memorable classroom experience.

Oogie Boogie Door

12. Morgue Door Decor

Decorating the classroom door for Halloween can be a fun and creative way to engage students and bring some festive spirit to the classroom. One Halloween door decoration for the classroom is the morgue door décor. This spooky and eerie decoration creates a haunted house vibe that is sure to be a hit with students.

Morgue Door Decor

13. Broomstick Door Decor

A great idea for a Halloween door decoration is broomstick door decor. This classic decoration is both fun and easy to make, and will surely impress your students and colleagues. To create a broomstick door decor, start by gathering materials such as a broomstick, black and orange construction paper, scissors, glue, and any additional decorations you may want to add.

Broomstick Door Decor

14. Gilded Pumpkins Door

One idea that can add a touch of elegance to the classroom is the use of gilded pumpkins. Gilded pumpkins can be created using various materials such as a gold leaf or metallic paint. The process of gilding involves applying a thin layer of gold or metal onto a surface, in this case, the pumpkin. This technique can turn an ordinary pumpkin into a beautiful, eye-catching decoration.

Gilded Pumpkins Door

15. Crow Door Decorations

Crows are associated with Halloween and can be easily incorporated into a variety of door designs. Whether you choose a spooky or cute look, a crow door decoration is sure to impress your students and visitors. This is one traditional decoration idea is to create a crow-themed door display.

Crow Door Decorations

16. ‘Boo’ Door Decor

One way to add a touch of Halloween spirit to your classroom is through door decorations. A popular option is to create a ‘Boo’ door decor. This can be achieved through a variety of creative and spooky designs that can be both engaging and educational for students.

'Boo' Door Decor

17. Glam Witch in Flight

Halloween is often associated with spooky and frightening imagery. One way to make this occasion more exciting is by decorating your classroom or home with Halloween-themed décor. With that, the Glam Witch in Flight Door decoration is an excellent option to consider. This door decoration features a witch in flight, bedecked in glamorous accessories like a feather boa and a witch hat adorned with a stylish ribbon.

Glam Witch in Flight

18. Skull Door Hanger

One easy and eye-catching decoration is a skull door hanger. This simple craft can be made with minimal supplies and can add a spooky touch to any classroom door.

Skull Door Hanger

19. Cemetery Door Decorations

A classroom door decorated with Halloween themes creates a festive atmosphere and sets the tone for the entire school. A great Halloween door decoration idea is the cemetery door decoration. This decoration is perfect for creating a spooky and eerie atmosphere that will thrill both students and teachers.

Cemetery Door Decorations


These several Halloween door decorations for classroom are appropriate for students of all ages suggested by Ohteeshirt. They capture the beauty of Halloween concepts without being too frightening for certain groups of elementary students. These suggestions will make your children grin and laugh, which is ultimately what it’s all about!

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