20+ Great Mom And Daughter Halloween Costumes Ideas That Will Make You Special

Mom And Daughter Halloween Costumes Ideas_

Every time Christmas comes around, you always have to spend lots of time thinking about what to wear. If you’re a mom looking for the ideal mother-daughter Halloween costume, these 20+ great mom and daughter Halloween costumes ideas.

That will make you special and is just for you. This year, these options will make your little ones excited about joining mom on the spookiest night.

Why Do We Wear Customs On Halloween?

Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. In those days, people believed that hiding behind frightening customs could scare off evil ghosts and keep them safe from wandering spirits.

Masks and cover-ups were considered means to get away with things; therefore, they wore get-ups which were made at home with whatever was on hand: sheets, makeup, and improvised masks.

Nowadays, it is no longer a pressure and gradually becomes a festive occasion and a perfect opportunity to bond with your kids and the whole family. Here are 20+ Mom and Daughter Halloween Costumes Ideas that make this time of the year exciting and memorable. 

Mom And Daughter Halloween Costumes Ideas

The Incredibles

1. The Incredibles

What could be cooler than being a superhero? By dressing up as Elastigirl and her oldest child, Violet, you can show everyone how incredible you are. With two main colours red and black, you will create a signature look. Don’t hesitate any longer and quickly get yourself a superhero suit and go save the world.

Wonder Woman and Batgirl

2. Wonder Woman and Batgirl

Do you and your little girl ever want to have superpowers and defeat evil? This Halloween, match up with your daughter by becoming Wonder Woman and Batgirl. These characters have been icons of empowerment for both women and girls.

The Evil Queen & Snow White

3. The Evil Queen & Snow White

Girls always dream of becoming princesses and living in a magic world one day. It’s amazing that you can make your daughter’s wish come true. This costume idea will help your girl become the most adorable and beautiful princess in the world. Let’s dress up as the Queen and Snow White and create your own story.

Fairy Godmother & Cinderella

4. Fairy Godmother & Cinderella

This costume is such a great idea if your daughter loves Cinderella. It comes in a dress and a hooded jacket, which is basically all you need. Your girl can become a beautiful princess and shine on this festive night. She may find it so impressive that she may not want to take it off. 

5. Alice and Queen of Hearts

Another option for cute Halloween costumes for mom and daughter is Alice and Queen of Hearts. This story is so familiar to kids that they are certainly gonna love it. Moreover, the baby girl usually loves sparkles as much as her mama. The best part about this costume is that you will be the centre of attention from the moment you walk into the party.

Te Fiti & Moana

6. Te Fiti & Moana

Te Fiti & Moana will be a great idea for mom and daughter to match Halloween costumes this upcoming festive season. By dressing as Te Fiti and letting your girl dress as Moana, you are able to bring your vision to life! With the special colour and unique design, you definitely won’t be mistaken by anyone.

Ladybug Costumes

7. Ladybug Costumes

Have you ever wanted to have wings and fly in the sky? By wearing a base black outfit with red and black-dotted wings, you and your little “lady” can fly around all evening looking like the cutest pair of bugs! 

Little Bo Peep & A Sheep

8. Little Bo Peep & A Sheep

A creative mom and daughter Halloween customs idea are to dress up as Little Bo Peep and a sheep. This choice is ideal for moms of babies because it’s so sweet. This little bo peep costume can bring a kid-friendly feeling and the bonnet is a hilarious touch. Your little girl could wear any costume and it would be adorable. This fuzzy sheep costume is so adorable for your child and, as a bonus, it can keep them nice and warm.

A Beekeeper & Bee

9. A Beekeeper & Bee

If you find a set of characters from a TV show or movie no longer appealing and want something new, a beekeeper and a bee will be a great and fun choice for you and your daughter. It is simple and doesn’t need much preparation. It comes with a black undershirt and black tights, so you really don’t need to add anything except maybe little black slippers or shoes.

A Bee and Her Flower

10. A Bee and Her Flower

Bee and her flower are also interesting Halloween costume ideas for mom and daughter. Applying this great matching costume idea, you and your girl can buzz your way through the upcoming Halloween season. Your child will look as beautiful as a little bee while you can turn into a lovely flower.

Cat & Mouse

11. Cat & Mouse

If you love animals, turn them into your inspiration for this next Halloween. Choosing cat and mouse costumes for moms and daughters is so lovely and fun. 

Witch & A Black Cat

12. Witch & A Black Cat

This mom-and-daughter matching Halloween costume idea will surely make your Halloween night special because the fuzzy black cat costume is so cute and nice. A witch and a black cat go hand in hand and become just the perfect pair. 

Sulley & Boo

13. Sulley & Boo

This Sulley and Boo costumes allow you to wear huge and comfortable onesie pajamas all day long. It’s cute, it’s colorful, and it really doesn’t require any other accessories. Because it is so comfortable, your daughter can run around as much as she wants.

Barista & Latte

14. Barista & Latte

If you are a coffee lover and you are looking for custom ideas to match your daughter in the following Halloween season, dress as your favourite barista and have your child become a latte. This dressed-up American coffee costume looks like a latte with whipped cream thanks to the tunic and hat, which might initially seem like a plain costume but turn into something so cute.

15. Stork &  Special Delivery

15. Stork &  Special Delivery

Stork and special delivery outfits can bring you a quirky look in this year’s Halloween season. This costume idea is very comfortable to wear. Moreover, if your daughter is too little to walk independently, it can provide a comfy way to hold your baby.

 Moon and Star

16. Moon and Star

This Halloween, wearing Moon and Star costumes will certainly bring a lot of happy memories for mom and daughter. You and your girl will become shining and eye-catching in any place you appear, like all the stars and moon sparkles in the sky.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

17. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are no longer strange because they are associated with anyone’s childhood. This mom-and-daughter Halloween costume idea is so easy and cost-effective to prepare, but it doesn’t make you blurry on this festive night because it is so sweet and adorable.

18. A Spider and Spiderweb

18. A Spider and Spiderweb

A favourable Mom and Daughter Halloween custom idea is choosing an outfit as a spider and spiderweb. This option not only takes little time to prepare but also brings comfort and charm to you. 

Morticia & Wednesday Addams

19. Morticia & Wednesday Addams

Something a little spookier with a classic Halloween vibe is Morticia and Wednesday Addams customs. These are 2 characters in the movie that are very popular recently. When you put on this outfit, you will look not only mysterious but also charming. This is a perfect choice if your kid loves the creepy aspect of Halloween.

Scarecrow & A Pumpkin

20. Scarecrow & A Pumpkin

A great idea to make your Halloween more spooky is dressing up as a scarecrow and turning your daughter into a pumpkin. This matching costume choice will make your girl become special and the most adorable thing on this festive night.

Matching Skeletons

21. Matching Skeletons

Matching skeletons costume is really worth trying for Halloween costumes for mom and daughter. Choosing an outfit with white colour and making it up of skeletons will make your Halloween scarier. The interesting part is that your girl looks just the same as the little version of you.


Ohteeshirt has tried to find out and has given a wide range of recommendations for your Halloween outfit. Now, you will know a lot of mom and daughter Halloween costumes ideas, right?

However, there is no most beautiful costume to dress up in because it depends on your own interests. Choose the one that is most appropriate for you and your lovely darling. 

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