18+ Creative Halloween Costumes With Blue Hair

Halloween costumes with blue hair

If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your costume this year, consider incorporating blue hair. Blue hair has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s a great way to make a statement and stand out at any Halloween party or event.

Whether you’re looking to channel a popular character or simply want to add a pop of colour to your costume, blue hair can be a fun and exciting way to take your costume to the next level. From mermaids to superheroes, there are endless possibilities for incorporating blue hair into your Halloween look.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best Halloween costumes with blue hair, as well as tips for achieving the perfect blue hair colour. We’ll also take a look at some of the most popular blue hair dye brands and offer advice on how to maintain your blue hair throughout the Halloween season.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas With Blue Hair

1. Mermaids Costume

Halloween costumes with blue hair have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many individuals opting to dress up as mermaids. Mermaid costumes can be a fun and imaginative way to celebrate the spooky season, and blue hair can add an extra touch of whimsy to the ensemble.

Whether you are looking to create a DIY costume or purchase one from a retail store, there are a variety of options available to suit your personal style and budget. A well-executed mermaid costume with blue hair can be a unique and eye-catching choice for Halloween festivities.

Mermaids Costume

2. Wonder Woman Costume

Halloween is a time of year when people of all ages get to dress up in creative and fun costumes. One particularly blue hairy Halloween costume idea is the Wonder Woman costume. This iconic superhero outfit features a red and gold bodice, blue shorts, and a flowing red cape.

Pairing this costume with blue hair adds an extra level of uniqueness and flair that will surely make any wearer stand out at any Halloween event. When it comes to creating the perfect Wonder Woman costume with blue hair, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it is important to choose the right shade of blue hair dye that will complement the colours of the costume.

Navy or royal blue are great options to consider. Additionally, accessorizing with silver or gold jewellery can add some extra shine and glamour to the overall look. With the right attention to detail, a Wonder Woman costume with blue hair can be a show-stopping choice for any Halloween celebration.

Wonder Woman Costume

3. Joy (Inside Out) Costume

One example of Halloween costume ideas with blue hair that has been brought to life is Joy from the movie Inside Out. To create a Joy costume with blue hair, individuals can begin by finding a yellow dress or shirt and matching pants. Blue hair dye can be applied to create Joy’s iconic blue hair. To complete the look, accessories can be added, such as a green scarf to represent Joy’s tie and yellow shoes.

With attention to detail, individuals can create a costume that accurately represents the character of Joy and incorporates blue hair in a unique and creative way. Incorporating blue hair into Halloween costumes is a fun and imaginative way to take your costume to the next level and stand out from the crowd.

Joy from Inside out Costume

4. Sadness Costume

If you’re looking for a unique Halloween costume this year, consider dressing up as Sadness from the Disney Pixar movie, Inside Out. This character is known for her bright blue hair and iconic frumpy attire, which makes for an easy and recognizable costume. To create this costume, start with a blue wig or hair dye to achieve the signature blue hair.

Add a pair of black-framed glasses and a pair of white socks pulled up to the knees to complete the look. For added effect, carry around a blue memory ball or a plush version of Sadness’ character. The Sadness costume is a great Halloween idea with blue hair for those who want a fun and easy costume that is sure to be recognized by fans of the movie.

Sadness Costume

5. Emily From Corpse Bride

For those looking to add a unique touch to their outfit, blue hair can be a great addition. One popular character to don with blue hair is Emily from the Tim Burton film, Corpse Bride. Emily’s striking blue locks are a signature aspect of her character and can easily be replicated with a wig or temporary hair dye.

To complete the look, one can add white face paint, dark eye makeup, and a flowing wedding dress. This costume is sure to turn heads and impress fellow Halloween enthusiasts. Additionally, incorporating blue hair into other costumes can also add a fun and unexpected twist, making for a truly memorable Halloween experience.

Emily From Corpse Bride

6. Stitch From Lilo & Stitch

If you’re looking for something unique and eye-catching, consider dressing up as Stitch from the popular Disney movie Lilo & Stitch. Not only is Stitch a beloved character, but his distinctive blue fur and quirky personality make for a fun and memorable costume. To pull off the perfect Stitch costume, start by finding a blue bodysuit or creating one using blue fabric and a sewing machine.

You can then use felt or faux fur to create Stitch’s belly and ears and attach them to the bodysuit using fabric glue or stitching. To complete the look, you can add some oversized googly eyes and a pair of blue gloves or mittens. And don’t forget to practice your best Stitch impression to really bring the character to life! Dressing up as Stitch is a creative and playful blue hair Halloween costume idea.

Stitch From Lilo & Stitch

7. Marge Simpson Costume

For those who want to stand out from the crowd, incorporating blue hair into their costume can be a fun and unique way to do so. One Halloween costume idea with blue hair is to embrace their inner cartoon character with a Marge Simpson costume. Marge Simpson, the iconic blue-haired mother from the long-running animated series “The Simpsons,” is instantly recognizable and beloved by many.

Recreating her iconic look for Halloween is a fun and creative way to celebrate the holiday. To achieve the look, a blue wig is essential. The wig should be styled in Marge’s classic beehive hairstyle, which can be achieved using hair spray and a hair tie. A green dress, a red bead necklace, and red pumps complete the outfit.

With a little bit of makeup to mimic Marge’s signature eye shape and lip colour, the transformation is complete. Halloween is a time to let your creativity shine, and a Marge Simpson costume with blue hair is sure to turn heads and impress partygoers.

Marge Simpson Costume

8. Blueberry Muffin Costume

With many different options available, choosing the perfect costume can be a challenge. However, for those looking to stand out from the crowd, a blue-haired costume can be a great choice. One such costume is the Blueberry Muffin costume, inspired by the popular children’s toy, Strawberry Shortcake. The Blueberry Muffin costume typically consists of a blue wig, a polka dot dress, and white leggings.

The blue wig is the key element of the costume and can be styled in various ways to create a more personalized look. The polka dot dress and white leggings help to add a playful and fun element to the costume. Additionally, accessories such as blueberry earrings or a basket of blueberries can be added to complete the overall look.

Blueberry Muffin costume

9. Powder (Arcane) Costume

One of the most popular trends in recent years has been incorporating vibrant hair colours into Halloween costumes. Blue hair has become a popular choice among costume enthusiasts and has been used to create various costumes, such as the Powder (Arcane) costume.

The Powder (Arcane) costume, inspired by the popular video game, is a unique and eye-catching costume that features a blue-haired character with a mystical and enchanting aura. This costume can be easily replicated with a blue wig or temporary hair dye, along with a flowing, ethereal dress or robe.

Powder (Arcane) Costume

10. Jinx (Arcane) Costume

Jinx is known for her wild personality and colourful appearance, and her costume is a great Halloween costume with blue hair for anyone looking to stand out at a Halloween party or cosplay event. To create a Jinx costume, you will need a few key items. The first is a blue wig or temporary hair dye to achieve Jinx’s signature bold blue hair.

Next, you will need clothing that matches Jinx’s punk-rock style, such as ripped jeans, a leather jacket, and a graphic tee. You can also add accessories like studded belts, fingerless gloves, and combat boots to complete the look. Jinx also has several tattoos, including a skull on her shoulder and a spider on her neck, which can be replicated with temporary tattoos or body paint.

Jinx (Arcane) costume

11. Gwen Stefani Costume

Gwen Stefani is known for her signature platinum blonde hair, but she has also experimented with blue hair in the past. Dressing up as Gwen Stefani with blue hair can be a unique and fun Halloween costume idea. To create a Gwen Stefani costume with blue hair, you will need a few essentials.

First, you will need a blonde wig that you can dye blue with temporary hair colour. You can also look for a pre-made blue wig if you don’t want to dye the wig yourself.

Gwen Stefani Costume

12. Hades (Disney Hercules)

One popular costume trend that has emerged in recent years is incorporating blue hair into the costume. One great option for a Halloween costume with blue hair is the Hades costume from the Disney movie Hercules. Hades, the god of the underworld, is a popular character because of his unique look and personality.

To create a Hades costume, start with a long, black robe with a high collar. Add a black belt to cinch in the waist and give the robe some shape. For the hair, a blue wig can be used to replicate Hades’ signature blue flames.

Hades (Disney hercules) costume

13. Lapis Lazuli costume

For those looking to add a pop of colour to their costume, blue hair can be a great option. One popular costume choice for those with blue hair is Lapis Lazuli from the show Steven Universe. To create a Lapis Lazuli costume, one would need a long blue wig or hair dye in a shade of blue similar to the character’s hair. A

flowy blue dress or tunic with a cut-out design on the chest can be paired with a pair of blue leggings or tights. To complete the look, blue body paint can be used to create the character’s distinct markings on the face and arms. Optional accessories can include a blue gemstone necklace or bracelet to represent Lapis Lazuli’s gemstone placement.

Lapis Lazuli costume

14. Cookie Monster Costume

The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street is a classic character that lends itself well to a blue hair costume, and it is a great choice for people of all ages. To create a Cookie Monster costume with blue hair, there are several steps that need to be taken. First, the hair needs to be dyed blue using a high-quality hair dye that will not damage the hair.

Once the hair has been dyed, it can be styled in a variety of ways, depending on the desired look. For example, if you want to create a more realistic Cookie Monster look, you can style the hair in a messy, tousled way that resembles the character’s fur. Alternatively, if you want a more glamorous look, you can style the hair in sleek waves or curls.

Cookie Monster Costume

15. Ghoulia Yelps costume

Blue hair has become a popular choice, and for those who are fans of the Monster High franchise, a Ghoulia Yelps costume is the perfect way to rock this trend. Ghoulia Yelps is known for her iconic blue hair and nerdy persona, making her a great option for those who want to stand out in a unique and fun way.

To create a Ghoulia Yelps costume, start with a pair of black and white striped leggings and a black t-shirt. Add a pair of black boots and a white lab coat to complete the look. The key component of this costume is, of course, the blue wig. Ghoulia’s hair is long and straight, so look for a wig that matches this description.

Ghoulia Yelps costume

16. Rick Sanchez Costume

a Rick Sanchez costume is an excellent blue hair Halloween costume idea. This costume is inspired by the popular animated series, “Rick and Morty,” and is perfect for fans of the show. To create a Rick Sanchez costume, you will need a few key items.

The first is a white lab coat, which you can find at a local costume store or online. Next, you will need a blue wig to achieve the iconic blue hair of the character. Additionally, you will need a pair of black pants, a black shirt, and a pair of black sneakers to complete the outfit.

Rick Sanchez costume

17. Cortana Costume

Cortana is a character known for her blue holographic appearance and is a favourite among gamers and sci-fi enthusiasts. To achieve this look, one could start by wearing a blue bodysuit or leotard and adding blue makeup or body paint to their skin. A blue wig or hair dye could also be used to complete the ensemble. When creating a Cortana costume, attention to detail is important.

It may be helpful to reference images of the character from the game to ensure accuracy. Additionally, accessories such as a glowing blue orb or other futuristic props could be included to enhance the overall effect. With careful planning and execution, a Cortana costume with blue hair can be a unique and impressive choice for Halloween or any other cosplay event.

Cortana costume

18. Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn, a character from the Batman comics, is known for her wild and unpredictable nature, making her a popular choice for Halloween enthusiasts. To achieve the iconic blue-haired Harley Quinn look, there are a few options for costume choices.

One option is to purchase a pre-made Harley Quinn costume that comes with a blue wig. Another option is to create a DIY version of the costume, which would involve purchasing a blonde wig and dyeing it blue using fabric dye.

Harley Quinn Costume

19. Kylie Jenner’s Costume

Blue hair, in particular, has become a popular choice for those looking to add a unique touch to their Halloween look. One celebrity-inspired costume that has gained traction in recent years is the Kylie Jenner costume. The reality star and beauty mogul is known for her signature blue hair, among other bold fashion choices.

To recreate this look, one could opt for a blue wig or temporarily dye their own hair using a wash-out hair colour. The rest of the costume could include elements of Kylie’s style, such as oversized sunglasses, a bodycon dress, and bold makeup. This is an easy Halloween costume with blue hair.

Kylie Jenner


Blue hair has become a popular trend for Halloween costumes in recent years. It’s a unique and creative way to add a pop of colour to your costume and stand out from the crowd.

Whether you choose to go with a full-blue wig, temporary hair dye, or hair extensions, there are endless possibilities for Halloween costumes with blue hair suggested by Ohteeshirt. So why not try something new this year and add some blue flair to your Halloween look?

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