20+ Outstanding Mother And Son Halloween Costume Ideas

Mother And Son Halloween Costume Ideas

Christmas is no longer strange to anyone, and thinking of this festive time, is Halloween costume the first thing that comes to your mind? Halloween costumes can be said to be one of the best parts of the whole month of October.

And it’s even more enjoyable when we dress up with someone else. These 20+ Outstanding Mother And Son Halloween Costume Ideas will help you create the most memorable and joyful moments with your son. 

The Importance of Halloween Customs

Originally, Halloween customs were believed to have the power of scaring away evil spirits and keeping people safe from those supernatural forces. However, nowadays, it has become a festive occasion with parties and games, and a perfect time to bond with your kids and the whole family.

It seems that the Halloween costumes our kids wear are a little bit more than just a costume. For those couple of hours, they might have the feeling of becoming someone else, maybe a superhero, a monster, or a comic character.

And this holiday is an ideal opportunity to help a child live a dream or feel empowered for a few hours. With 20+ Outstanding Mother and Son Halloween Costume Ideas, you’ll have plenty of options to consider and plan for before the holiday arrives.

Mom and Son Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Superman and Supergirl

It is so amazing that moms can do any kind of thing all day long. That’s why you should show your inner superheroine, how incredible you are. Becoming a supergirl and turning your son into a superman as mother and son matching Halloween costumes this year.

Superman and Supergirl

2. Mrs. Incredible and Baby Dash

Another cool idea for moms with boys loving heroes is Mrs. Incredible and Baby Dash costume. You will have the opportunity to dress up as Elastigirl with a bodysuit, mask, gloves, faux leather skirt, and thigh-high boot coverings. And your son will look so cute in his Incredibles Infant Costume. 

Mrs. Incredible and Baby Dash

3. Farmer and Chicken

A funny mother-son halloween costume idea can be the farmer and her chicken. This outfit seems simple but is still outstanding, and it brings friendliness. The little chicken costume is so adorable for your child and moreover, it can keep him nice and warm.

Farmer and Chicken

4. Woody and Jessie 

Anyone ever watching Disney movies has to know about the relationship between Woody and Jessie in Toy Story. Their friendship is an icon of love, respect, and support. Therefore, this matching mother and son Halloween costume can be a great idea for you to identify your bond with your son. 

Woody and Jessie 

5. Chucky and Bride

Dressing up as a bridge when your son transforms into Chucky is a great way to make this Halloween in 2023 more spooky. This outfit is so frightening that it can be easy for your little boy to play some tricks on other people and get more candy.

Chucky and Bride

6. Cruella Deville and Dalmatian

Cruella Deville and Dalmatian will be a great idea for mom and son matching halloween costumes this upcoming festive season. The outfit is only black and white but you’ll look like the ultimate villainess running around all night with your cute puppy.

Cruella Deville and Dalmatian

7. Moana and Maui

Moana & Maui will be a good-mom son halloween costume option this upcoming festive season. When wearing this outfit, it seems like you and your son are going on a summer vacation because it looks so fresh and unique. 

Moana and Maui

8. Batman and Joker

If your little child is a fan of Batman, let him become this fantastic American comic strip superhero and fight against “evil”. More interestingly, as a mom, you can match him by being the Joker! 

Batman and Joker

9. Curious George

Another well-known children’s book character is Curious George, which will make for a fantastic kid Halloween costume. But even better? You can join your little boy in story land by becoming the (Wo)Man in the Yellow Hat.

This outfit is easily created using a big yellow hat, of course, as well as yellow elastic waist pants, a polka dot tie, and a yellow shirt. You will be special and won’t be mistaken for anyone on Halloween night.  

Curious George

10. Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf

Fairy tale stories never go out of fashion. Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf are no longer strange because they are so familiar with everyone’s childhood. This Halloween, choose yourself and your little boy the Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf costume and make your festive night playful and fun.

Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf

11. Mario and Luigi

In the world of video games, Mario and Luigi are unbeatable; therefore, their outfits are almost instantly identifiable. Choosing Mario & Luigi costumes this Halloween will be very funny and make you and your little boy so impressive.

Mario and Luigi

12. Queen and Joker

This mom and daughter matching Halloween costume idea will surely make your Halloween night special because the fuzzy black cat costume is so cute and nice. A witch and a black cat go hand in hand and become just the perfect pair. 

Queen and Joker

13. Elsa and Olaf

Who doesn’t love Olaf from the movie Frozen? Your son must be very interested in this darling snowman who just wants to experience summer. This year, Elsa & Olaf outfits can be your mother and son matching Halloween costumes. Let’s put on this suit and create some magic for your party. 

Elsa and Olaf

14. Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch are also iconic representations of a wonderful friendship. As they grow older, they experienced a variety of events together.

This Halloween, you can dress up as Lilo and get your little boy to be your partner in the Stitch outfit. It is so comfortable and warm that your son can run around as much as he wants.

Lilo and Stitch

15. Pirate and Parrot 

In case you’re looking for something unique and astonishing this Halloween, you can’t miss this idea. Try on this pirate costume with your child dressed as a parrot, and be ready for a fantastic treasure hunt and discoveries that are waiting for you to explore.

Pirate and Parrot 

16. Cow Couple

This Halloween, dressing up as a cow couple will be certainly an adorable halloween costume idea for mother and son. Your little one will be the cutest, sweetest, nicest baby around. The interesting part is that your boy looks just the same as the small version of you.

Cow Couple

17. Princess and Her Frog

A matching mother and son Halloween costume worth trying is the princess and her frog prince. Made up of a one piece bodysuit, he will be the cutest frog that no one in your neighborhood has ever seen!

This matching outfit will make you the center of attention on this festive night because it is so sweet and adorable. 

Princess and Her Frog

18. Theatre Popcorn

A good mother son halloween costume idea is taken from theatre popcorn. Babies are cute, and popcorn is tasty, put them together and you’ve got the most adorably sweet combination ever.

With the help of this ingenious popcorn baby costume, you can transform your child into the sweet treat that they are. Mom’s outfit is so easy to prepare, all you need is a white shirt with a red tie.

Theatre Popcorn

19. The Little Mermaid and Sebastian

The Little Mermaid and Sebastian is really an awesome idea for mother and son matching halloween costumes. The lobster baby costume is just the ticket to take your little one on a deep-sea adventure!

The bodysuit itself has all the components required to transform the wearer into a lobster, including claws and all the legs a lobster possesses, so they will blend in perfectly underwater.

The Little Mermaid and Sebastian

20. Ringmaster and Lion

Have you ever found your family in a circus sometimes? So a ringmaster and the lion costume is the perfect choice for mom and son this year’s Halloween. You can turn your little wee into a lion cub by dressing him in just this costume. There is nothing scarier and also cuter than this little lion. 

Ringmaster and Lion

21. Sushi and Sushi Chef

Are you a sucker for sushi? If so, this baby costume is great for you. Absolutely ideal for Halloween, you can dress your little one up as this delicious treat and wait for the fun to be delivered!

You can join him by choosing a chef outfit which is extremely simple to prepare, all you need is a white double-breasted jacket and long pants in black or white. 

Sushi and Sushi Chef


After having a look at these 20+ Outstanding Mother And Son Halloween Costume Ideas, are you eager to welcome this 2023 Halloween? Ohteeshirt hopes this wide range of recommendations is useful and inspiring for your Halloween outfit. Don’t hesitate to pick your favorite one and light up your festive night with your son. 

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