43+ DIY Christmas Gifts For Mom In 15 Minutes or Less 2023

diy christmas gifts for mom

Another Christmas season is approaching, and besides decorating the house, this is also an opportunity for people to give each other meaningful gifts. Let’s find 43+ DIY Christmas Gifts For Mom with us that you can apply for.

Good DIY Christmas Gifts For Mom

1. Christmas Cards

The simplest is just cards decorated with lovely motifs such as pine trees, snowflakes, Santa Claus, and reindeer, … but still extremely meaningful to send to everyone on Christmas. 

They not only make the recipient touched by the affection you send through meaningful and warm wishes but also make them excited.

2. Santa Claus

And an indispensable keyword in Christmas is Santa Claus. He is an old man dressed in red, with a long white beard with a big red gift bag that he always carries with him.

Hand-made paper Santa Claus with meaningful Christmas greetings is a meaningful gift for friends and relatives. This is one of the DIY Christmas Gifts For Mom you should not ignore.

Snowman Effigy Image

3. Snowman Effigy Image

In the winter, people often play snowball games, skiing, … and not to mention the snowman effigy. The shape of a snowman with a round head and a lovely pointed nose is so familiar to everyone during Christmas celebrations.

The image of a snowman on Christmas is not only beautiful for you to decorate but also brings good luck to you. Therefore, many people self-learn how to make handmade snowmen to decorate and give to friends, relatives, and parents.

Teddy Bears

4. Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are always on the gift list for special occasions suitable for all ages. Making teddy bears to give Christmas gifts is actually incredibly easy with the ingredients only white socks, needles, buttons, black beads for eyes and mouth, scissors, and cotton balls.

You can also replace the cotton ball stuffed in the bear with rice, and beans to wish your mother full warmth.

 Tiny Wooden Doll From Pine Cones

5. Tiny Wooden Doll From Pine Cones

Beautiful little wooden pine cones are always an impressive decorative gift during Christmas. You can use it to decorate pine trees, fireplaces, dinner plates and even small gifts like wooden dolls, flip-flops, etc.

Snow Globe

6. Snow Globe

The Christmas snow globe is one of the best gifts during the Christmas season. The exquisite snow globes inside have pine trees, snow houses, Santa Claus and even artificial snow.

You can completely make your own handmade snow globe as a Christmas gift for your mother with the ingredients being a glass jar with a lid, glue, tinsel, a small glycerin solution, a pine tree, Santa Claus…

Christmas Tree

7. Christmas Tree

The pine tree is a symbol of hope and vitality, so this is a meaningful gift for your loved one. If you can’t own a real Christmas tree, don’t worry because it only takes a little time to make a meaningful handmade Christmas gift.

DIY Scrapbook

8. DIY Scrapbook

Scrapbook is the top choice that you can’t miss this Christmas. You can unleash your creativity with a photo album and put in it pictures of your family or mother.

The ingredients to make this scrapbook are also quite simple. Depending on your aesthetics and ingenuity, you can create very unique layouts.

Decorative Lights

9. Decorative Lights

Making your own Christmas lights with discarded glass bottles not only helps you have a unique lamp for your mother but is also an effective way to help protect the environment!

10. Christmas Effigy

Everyone knows that reindeer, Santa Claus, pine trees and snowmen are indispensable symbols of every Christmas season. Wouldn’t it be great to receive gifts with all 4 of these symbols from someone from your mom?

 Christmas Laurel Wreath

11. Christmas Laurel Wreath

The laurel wreath hanging in front of the door is one of the indispensable decorations of every Christmas. It symbolizes strength, power and hopes for a bright future.

So to send your mother a blessing and peace, you can make a laurel wreath to give her.

Cute Shaped Cookies

12. Cute Shaped Cookies

You can make your own beautiful cookies to give to relatives, friends or lovers. It can be Santa Claus, snowflakes or any shape you like. This gift will make the recipient extremely surprised and excited, try it. 

Christmas Canvas Bags

13. Christmas Canvas Bags

It is interesting to join the children to prepare handmade items to welcome the upcoming Christmas season. The design of the bag is a very lovely Santa Claus pattern that will be one of the … you can choose.

Flower Bouquet Made Of Paper

14. Flower Bouquet Made Of Paper

Preparing a big bouquet of flowers to give your mother on Christmas day will surprise her very much. You can make it with wool, paper, cotton, … – very simple and doesn’t take much time.

Pretty Christmas Cup

15. Pretty Christmas Cup

The cup decorated with Christmas motifs will become a meaningful gift for mom. She can use this gift every day and will probably remember you every time he sees the glass.

Self Knitted Scarf

16. Self Knitted Scarf

With cold weather and snowfall as much as winter, gifting mom a scarf is a great idea. It’s super simple, fast, and there are tons of video tutorials on youtube that will help you complete this gift with ease.

Self Knit Gloves

17. Self Knit Gloves

Like scarves, gloves are also essential items when winter comes. Therefore, a pair of lovely gloves will be a Christmas gift that is both warm and shows care and concern for the recipient.

Sewing Christmas socks

18. Sewing Christmas socks

Christmas socks are a familiar image indispensable in every Christmas celebration. Super big socks with reindeer motifs, snowflakes, Santa Claus … a familiar image indispensable at Christmas. 

You absolutely can sew these giant socks as a truly handmade gift for your loved ones in the upcoming holiday, for sure, this will be a unique Christmas gift.

Scented Candles

19. Scented Candles

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some scented candles on Christmas? The space will be more romantic and warm. And it’s even more meaningful when you give your mom a cup of handmade scented candles. Surely mom will feel extremely warm and happy when receiving such a delicate gift.

Warm Dinner

20. Warm Dinner

Christmas is an occasion for people to reunite, gather together, and share many joys and sorrows in life. Therefore, the gift of a warm dinner will leave a lot of good memories for anyone.

You can come up with an idea for dinner with all the family members.

Textured thermos bottle

21. Textured thermos bottle

In the cold winter weather, a thermos bottle will be an extremely unique and practical gift. Mom can bring their favourite drink with them every time they go out, or go to work,… Guaranteed they will feel warm and extremely happy to have someone who cares about them like that.

Self-Drawing Painting

22. Self-Drawing Painting

It is very touching if on Christmas day your loved one receives a family picture, a painting drawn by yourself. This is only possible when you have a little talent for painting, so if you are not too confident, you can learn through a drawing class or the internet to get the most complete Christmas gift.

You can rest assured because no matter what the outcome, the family will still feel extremely happy and will cherish the gift like a treasure. Feel free to pick up your pen and send it in with lots of love.

 Cute Homemade Snowflakes

23. Cute Homemade Snowflakes

If you don’t know what to give your mom, make your own snowflake this Christmas. There are many ways to make handmade snowflakes such as cutting, or folding paper… – choose the form that suits you. 

DIY Book Cover

24. DIY Book Cover

A book that both brings spiritual joy, and contains your messages and wishes to the gift your mom. When receiving the gift of a book, mom must be a precious gift of knowledge.

Buy a good book and shake hands on its cover. This will be really interesting.

Perfume Has A Distinct Scent

25. Perfume Has A Distinct Scent

A gift box with perfume and flowers is a Christmas gift that both shows your care and sophistication for the recipient. Let’s create a unique perfume according to your taste for mom.

Watch Strap Handmade

26. Watch Strap Handmade

Watches are suitable gifts for all ages. Watches are for everyday use and also as fashion accessories that express the style and class of their wearer.

You can use small pieces of wood to knit those lovely watch straps.

Giving Christmas Gifts For What?

Christmas is an occasion when people give gifts to each other with the desire to send love and respect to the recipient. It can be perfume, cosmetics, bags, fashion, books, … or any meaningful gift you desire.

Therefore, be confident and choose a meaningful Christmas gift to send to the people you love.


Christmas gifts will express your love and care for your mother on your behalf. Every mother will feel very happy and happy when she has a psychological and emotional child. We believe that DIY Christmas Gifts For Mom suggested by Ohteeshirt will help mothers and families have a peaceful and happy Christmas season.