17+ Great 60th Birthday Party Ideas For Dad

60th birthday party ideas for dad

Are you looking for some unique and entertaining 60th birthday party ideas for dad? The 60th birthday is a major opportunity to celebrate unexpected liberation since by that time, their children are well-established, they have a financially stable existence, and they have plenty of time for family. Hence, with a well-planned party with friends and family, the 60th of your dad’s may be a great celebration.

Continue reading for a list of great 60th birthday party ideas to make your special person’s birthday more and more unforgettable.

Funny 60th Bday Party Ideas For Dad

1. Go Golfing

Take your golf-loving father out for a round of golf on his 60th birthday. He could very well spend a full day golfing with friends or family. If your father is an inexperienced golfer but still likes the game, take him to a miniature golf course as an alternative.

Go Golfing

2. Kayaking Lesson

Is your father seeking a new method to spend time outside? Sign him up for a kayaking class if that’s the case. Your father may learn the fundamentals of this water activity and even discover a new pastime.

Kayaking Lesson

3. Weekend Getaway

Rather than throwing an intimate gathering for your father, perhaps he would prefer a few days on holiday with just the two of you or with both of your spouses for a four-person trip. Of course, where you go will be determined by your father’s interests.

For example, if someone like nature, he may visit a major city to see art museums or a remote lodge. So be sure to choose a location that both of you will appreciate.

Weekend Getaway

4. Outdoor Park Party

A park with breathtaking splendour might be the ideal location. You should ideally adorn the space and get disposable glasses, plates, and plaid tablecloths. You may also purchase attractive desserts and gourmet lunch boxes for everyone. It would be the perfect 60th birthday idea for dad party.

Outdoor Park Party

5. Career-Themed Party

Everything at the celebration is reminiscent of your father’s famous career. Someone who is a pilot, for example, chooses an aeroplane motif. If he works in construction, you can decorate cranes, excavators or trucks filled with materials for surprise 60th birthday party ideas for dad. Contact his long-time coworkers to surprise the birthday boy.

Career-themed party

7. Rockstar-Themed Party:

Is your father a Beatles or Jimi Hendrix fan? Then a rockstar-themed 60th birthday party would be ideal for him. A rockstar-themed birthday celebration is a creative birthday party idea for a 60th dad who enjoys music and entertaining his guests.

Rockstar Themed Party:

8. On The Beach

The father who enjoys spending time enjoying the fresh air and sun celebrates his 60th birthday on the beach. You can visit a nearby beach or perhaps arrange a trip to the tropics. It’s also a fantastic 60th birthday suggestion for dads who wish to celebrate with their families.

On The Beach

9. Retro Party

Choose your dad’s favourite decade and make it the theme of your party for this 60th birthday suggestion for Dad. Renting out a retro-style location that fits the theme is a terrific way to take your party idea to the next level.

The 80’s radio, phone, and videotape elements, the historical banner with “Happy Birthday,” the stylish skate shoes, and the colourful 80’s decorations will transport your dad back to the warm and joyful memories of the 1980s.

Retro Party

10. Beer-Themed Table

Dads adore beer, it’s a truth. This is a typical, dull statement on its own. Nevertheless, when you build a whole beer-themed table, things go a step up. Have a peek at this one for some unique ideas for your own!

Beer-Themed Table

11.  Build With Legos

Dads are actually simply grown men – give a boy a lego set, and he’ll construct something. This is an excellent pastime for a young father with little children. It may be enjoyable for both father and daughter/son. And what could be more wonderful when his 60th birthday is playing lego with his children and grandchildren, surely he will be very happy and enjoy these meaningful and special times.

Build With Legos

12. House With Favorite Movie

Decorating the house in the style of your father’s favourite movie series might be a charming birthday idea for him. If he is a major Star Wars fan, have Star Wars-themed decorations everywhere, from the balloons to the cups to the food.


13. Go Kart

You may also take your dad go-karting. This is particularly beneficial if you want to spend some time with your father without getting to deal with a huge crowd. Just you and your grandfather racing karts to discover who is quicker and better at driving in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

Go Kart

14. Go Camping

Camping would be a terrific thing to do with your father on his birthday if he enjoys the outdoors. You may camp in the woods or, if that’s too tough, set up a camp outside your house, which will give you the camping experience. This is also a terrific option for what to do for your father’s birthday at home when you are unable to perform any outdoor activities.

Go Camping

15. Tour Of 6 Places

From the hospital (or location) of his birth to school, the first job, the church of his marriage, and the location of the house he purchased, or any other six locations meaningful to him for each decade.

Perhaps a guest appearance, such as an old friend or coworker you haven’t seen in years, will be waiting for him at one of these destinations. This is an excellent opportunity to see some of the locations he has frequently mentioned. Your father will enjoy revisiting these spots and reminiscing about his life with you. Surely, it is the best meaningful idea for a 60th birthday party for a dad that he will love.

 Tour Of 6 Places

16. Many 60 Birthday Cards

The ideal method to show your dad how much you care and are enthusiastic about him is to collect as many birthday cards as possible. This will surely be a challenging process, but it will be beneficial in the end.

Gather a group of close friends and family members who are close to your father and ask each of them to write a personal remark on one of these cards. The end result will be a collection of birthday greetings that are sure to make your heart hurt when he reads them!

60 Birthday Cards

17. On An Adventure

There’s no better way to celebrate his 60th birthday than to go on a trip with him, whether it’s trekking up a mountain or seeing the Amazon jungle. These are one of the most fun birthday party ideas for a 60th dad.

On An Adventure

18. Go Bowling

These traditional father-and-son activities are usually a hit, and your father will undoubtedly enjoy spending time with you. Be sure you beat him at least once so he doesn’t get overly competitive… You may also invite some pals to participate in the fun!

Go Bowling

How Can I Make My Father’s Birthday Memorable?

Making your father’s birthday memorable might appear to be a difficult chore since what do you give back to a man who has given you everything your whole life? It may appear to be a simple chore when you have reached a point in your life where you can purchase the nicest items and take him on the most luxurious holidays.

So, what can you do for him if you don’t have any money? Nevertheless, believe it or not, you can still make your father’s birthday memorable by performing tiny acts for him that he enjoys and appreciates. Take out the garbage, tidy the house, and complete his responsibilities for the day.

You might also send him a letter or create a poem in which you convey your sentiments for him and how much you appreciate him – fathers, like everyone, want to know that they are loved, valued, and respected.


Birthdays are an excellent opportunity to honour the people in our lives. It is a once-a-year opportunity to show the people you care about how much they mean to you – and dads are as special as individuals come. They are the men who have been by your shoulder from your birth, fighting for you at every turn and attempting to give you the best life and opportunities imaginable.

Their birthdays are the one occasion when you can repay them by doing for them what they do for you every day – or at least attempt. Ohteeshirt introduced 60th birthday party ideas for dad above that hope you can consider and choose the best idea party for your dad.

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