23+ Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Dad

pregnancy announcement ideas for dad

If you are looking for unique pregnancy announcement ideas for dad, this blog is for you.  It’s exciting to learn you’re having a child. You’ll want to yell it from the mountaintops! Some women want to notify their families and friends immediately soon, while others prefer to wait a few weeks.

But, if you do decide to share your wonderful news, here are our top pregnancy announcement ideas.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement To Dad Ideas

1. The Proposal

Make him some adorable baby announcement cards and pop the question while handing him your pregnancy test. “Happy Father’s Day!” kiss him on the cheek. Will you be my child’s father?” or simply “Only the best Dad”

The Proposal

2. Pregnancy Bookmark

Do you have a reader on your hands? If that’s the case, create him a bookmark that says “I’m pregnant!” or “The expected date of the baby’s birth!” and slip it into his current book. Not much can get him to put down his book, but this will!. These are perfect pregnancy announcement to dad ideas that you consider.

Pregnancy Bookmark

3. Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

If you don’t already have children, your man is unlikely to expect a present. You can surprise him with a gift that discloses your pregnancy in a fun and unusual way, such as this T-shirt that announces your pregnancy with a wink to those dad jokes he often makes.

Pregnancy Announcement Shirt

4. Unique Egg Pregnancy Announcement

When cooking, enlist the assistance of your father or boyfriend (or even just pretend to cook). When they split up this egg, they’ll find a small message informing them of your wonderful news. I’m sure it is one of the funniest pregnancy announcements to dad ideas.

Unique Egg Pregnancy Announcement

5. Pizza Pregnancy Announcement

Make an *extremely* special request to your favourite pizza joint. Honestly, the pizza pregnancy announcement is priceless in and of itself, and you still have a whole pizza to savour. It’s simply the finest pregnancy announcements to dad ideas.

Pizza Pregnancy Announcement

6. Pregnancy Announcement Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

What could be better than winning the lottery? If you have a father or grandfather who is addicted to the lottery, these fake scratch-off lottery tickets reveal the highest prize of all: A baby. (Although some money would be good as a bonus.)

Pregnancy Announcement Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

7. Apron Pregnancy Announcement

You can either buy a ready-made diaper-changing apron or make one yourself. The apron should then be hung in the kitchen or workshop for your husband to find. This apron will be more special when personalized with pictures of babies or simply as a message for a new loved one. I’m sure he’ll be surprised when he sees this pregnancy announcement to dad ideas.

Apron Pregnancy Announcement

8. Beach Pregnancy

Is this just another day at the beach? Wear a beach hat with “Baby On Board” written on the brim. You’ll definitely get a second look! Alternatively, write your news in the sand and send it to relatives and friends.

Beach Pregnancy

9. Scavenger Hunt

A good hunt is something that every man enjoys. Hide hints and puzzles about your home for him to solve. Place your pregnancy test, baby shoes, or onesie next to the last clue, along with a unique remark that will leave him speechless!

Scavenger Hunt

10. Pregnancy Announcement With Dogs

Allow your baby dog to reveal your surprise with a baby announcement board. Want to be more subtle? Make your dog wear a dog bandana with a personalized baby announcement message as the perfect pregnancy announcement idea for a dad. Make him go around the house until Dad notices.

Pregnancy Announcement With Dogs

11. Wall Pregnancy Announcement

Allow your baby dog to reveal your surprise with a baby announcement board. Want to be more subtle? Make your dog wear a dog bandana with a personalized baby announcement message for Dad. Make him go around the house until Dad notices. Or you can do it a simpler way with balloons lined up with the word baby

Wall Pregnancy Announcement

12. Coffee Cup Pregnancy Announcement

Make his favourite breakfast and bring him a cup of coffee in this personalized mug when he wakes up. It’s one of those heartwarming baby announcement gifts you can offer to make him a father for the first time.

 Coffee Cup Pregnancy Announcement

13. Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement

Autumn has arrived, and you can’t wait to start decorating with pumpkins! Make a display of pumpkins of varying sizes, designating them as dad, mom, and baby.

Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement

14. Beer Pregnancy Announcement

Organize a gaming night with his buddies and hand out these custom-labelled beers as a way to celebrate your baby’s arrival. Dad, cheers! You can personalize the stickers on the beer body to surprise the dads. For example “You’re going to be a daddy”

Beer Pregnancy Announcement

15. Puzzle Pregnancy Announcement For Dad

If you want to find a pregnancy announcement idea for a dad but make him work for it, there are a variety of puzzles available. Here is a fun idea and brain hack for dads, make them feel curious and excited to find this announcement.

Puzzle Pregnancy Announcement For Dad

16. Email Pregnancy Announcement

The first sign of your baby that you see is the reaction to the pregnancy test. You can use your camera, take a picture of this result and send it to a family member or friend via email. Just a few seconds later, this new series of messages and happy sharing will flood your inbox. This is a different, unique and “high-tech” way to share a message of love with friends and family members.

 Email Pregnancy Announcement

17. Necklace Pregnancy Announcement

Are you looking for a unique pregnancy announcement idea for a dad? Try giving him this necklace. What’s special here is that the gift box is customized and personalized to your taste. You can send the new dad a few messages and announcements about the pregnancy. 

 Necklace Pregnancy Announcement

18. Surprise From The Baby Crib

One of the first things mothers have to buy during pregnancy is a lovely and lovely crib (bed) suitable for the baby’s room. Ideas to inform him can also be sketched from this cute little item. Moms, sneak him to buy a beautiful crib to take home with decorative items and hide it in another room.

That night, you can pretend to ask your husband to help you get some things in the mysterious room so that he can discover the mystery from that crib himself. This took him from a state of fatigue to a state of elation and happiness when he heard that his baby was about to be born. There is nothing more psychological than that to turn his long working day into a happy evening for the couple.

 Surprise From The Baby Crib

19. Special Gift Voucher

You must be quite familiar with gift vouchers from brands. The idea is to alert him with a gift certificate that says “This gift voucher is for the family of a soon-to-be baby, valid until the day/month/year..” He will definitely suddenly be speechless and extremely happy.

Special Gift Voucher

20. Hidden Meanings From Beans

You can surprise your husband by taking advantage of a relaxing family time, shoving a pea in his hand and cutely joking, “You know what, my baby is now It’s the size of a pea now!” accompanied by a loving glance. Your husband must have been surprised and then shouted with joy. Happiness will multiply many times if he hears the good news in such a “heartbreaking” way.

Hidden Meanings From Beans

21. Use Of Alcohol

If you’re throwing a party full of family and friends, this is a great way to say you’re about to become a mother. Tie a small bow on a wine bottle and attach a piece of paper that says: “Enjoy this wonderful time. We will see each other again in 9 months.” Once everyone reads that, the party becomes an occasion to celebrate your good news. Because you are pregnant, you can use water or juice instead of that “news bottle”.

Use Of Alcohol

22. Image Of A Pregnancy Test Strip With Two Lines

The two-bar pregnancy test is a good sign that your family will welcome a new member. Want to make your husband curious and surprised, you can put the stick on your husband’s desk and when he sees it, he will be very surprised and curious and then hug you in happiness.

If your husband is at work or is far away and you want him to know the information about being a father in a special way, you can take a photo of this pregnancy test and send it to your husband’s phone. A lot of husbands don’t even know what it is, the image will make the husband curious and immediately call to ask you and you can announce the new family member in this special way.

Image Of A Pregnancy Test Strip With Two Lines

23. Tiny Shoe Pregnancy Announcement

When you have a new life, you want to share that joy with your husband and a special way you can do it is to buy or knit a pair of tiny shoes by yourself to put in the family shoe cabinet. When your husband comes home from work, open the shoe cabinet surely those lovely shoes will attract his attention. He will surely be curious to ask you about those shoes and that’s how you tacitly signal to him the location of the new family member.

If your husband is away from work, you can also use this image of these beautiful shoes to inform him. Take a pair of your husband’s shoes, next to your shoes and those cute little shoes in the middle and take a photo and send it to your husband, your husband will be surprised and happy when you announce this lovely way.

Tiny Shoe Pregnancy Announcement

24. Lovely Cake

It’s romantic if you prepare a lovely cream cake with the words “welcome baby” and “congratulations to my husband on promotion” or “ We’re having a baby”  along with some candles and wine. When dinner starts, surprise your husband with a surprise party of candlelight, wine and cake. When receiving that special thing, your husband will find it so sweet and both will have a small party filled with sweetness, romance and happiness.

Lovely Cake

When Should You Implement Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Dad?

If you have important news to announce in the middle of June, consider mixing it with one of the most touching summer holidays: Father’s Day. Father’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas might be lovely, humorous, or completely heartfelt. No matter how you do it, you’re bound to elicit a few laughs (and/or tears) after breaking the wonderful news.

Whether you’re informing your partner, your father, your father-in-law, or any other particular person in your life, Father’s Day is a wonderful time to do so. Because the holiday is already about honouring family, now is a good opportunity to mention that yours is expanding.

It’s a lovely occasion if you feel it’s time to inform folks you’re pregnant. With that in mind, don’t feel the need to make a big, additional announcement if that’s not your style; a meaningful phone call or even a social media post would suffice.

On the other hand, if you want to consider making this reveal a Big Deal, then go ahead and do all the celebratory moves you want. These Father’s Day pregnancy announcements are all charming and sweet celebrations of your baby, whether they’re low-key, over-the-top, or even kind of funny.


Having a new family member is already very special, find a way to inform your child’s dad to make it even more special and unexpected. Turn this joy into a memorable and lovely memory in the couple’s life. Above are the pregnancy announcement ideas for dad suggested by Ohteeshirt. Hope they are useful for you.

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