29+ Good 30th Birthday Gifts For Husband

good 30th birthday gifts for husband

What should I give as good 30th birthday gifts for husband? For every wife, her husband’s birthday is a very important day for her. Every wife hopes to bring her husband unexpected joy on this day by giving a meaningful gift. If the wives are still wondering about this, let’s refer to some of the following suggestions!

What Is The Meaning Of Good 30th Birthday Gifts For Husband?

Compared to women, men often have quite a few holidays to have the opportunity to receive gifts. Therefore, a birthday is an opportunity that you can take advantage of to send meaningful wishes and gifts to “that person”. And certainly, the husbands are also looking forward to it, not knowing if their wives have prepared anything for them. How will you show it?

Besides, the husband’s birthday is also an opportunity for the wife to say thank you, and words of love to her partner. Prepare carefully and give him a secret gift to increase his surprise.

The meaning behind the birthday gift for your husband is that your husband will appreciate and be grateful that you always remember and give them the best. The gift is material, although small, it is still a catalyst to help the couple’s relationship become stronger and stronger.

Great Gift Ideas For Husband 30th Birthday

Watches For Husbands

1. Watches For Husbands

One of the most popular 30th birthday gifts for husband is a watch. A genuine watch can help your husband be more polite and masculine and can be more active at work. Moreover, the watch is also a very meaningful gift, sending the message that the other person will always remember the moments of being together, and cherish the past and present times.

Western Shoes For Husband

2. Western Shoes For Husband

Besides the watch, you can also consider choosing western shoes as gift ideas for husband 30th birthday. In particular, if your husband is an office worker or businessman, it is even more necessary to own a pair of beautiful, quality and genuine western shoes.

The Leather Wallet

3. The Leather Wallet

Men often don’t use as many accessories as women, but that doesn’t mean they don’t. And one of the accessories that are always used often is a leather wallet. Not only is it a useful gift, but it also helps them re-style their style.

Shirt For Husband

4. Shirt For Husband

No matter how simple a man is, he has at least one or two shirts in his wardrobe. In particular, for mature men who have a serious and polite dress style, a shirt is even more necessary. Therefore, giving a shirt as one of the best 30th birthday gifts for husband is always the right choice.

Tie For Husband

5. Tie For Husband

If you have a shirt and western shoes, it’s impossible without a tie. Especially, if your husband is an employee or a businessman, the tie is even more necessary for them. A tie with gentle tones, simple patterns and the right size will help your man more elegant and stylish.

The Leather Belt

6. The Leather Belt

Leather belts are also good gift ideas for husband 30th birthday for those who are wondering what gift to give their husband for his birthday. Pay attention to what style your husband usually wears, and what style he likes to be able to choose the right belt.

The New Perfume 

7. The New Perfume 

If your husband is the romantic type, give him a bottle of high-end perfume, the right brand and scent that he loves. Having a bottle of perfume from his wife will make him fall in love with you and love you more.

The Unexpected Trip

8. The Unexpected Trip

Booking a trip is a good suggestion for wives who are looking for creative 30th birthday gift ideas for husband. You can book a couple of trips or a family trip to have a relaxing and comfortable vacation with your husband. This is also an opportunity for both husband and wife to rekindle their feelings and has some private time together.

Cozy Family Meal

9. Cozy Family Meal

It seems that a cosy family meal is too familiar and nothing new, but in fact, this is always one of the most popular gift ideas for my husband’s 30th birthday. What could be more wonderful than coming home to enjoy delicious, hot dishes prepared by your wife’s own hands?

The Massage Chair

10. The Massage Chair

Age, work, and life pressure make your husband often feel tired, and have aching joints. So, you should buy quality massage chairs as 30th birthday gift ideas for husband. Massage chairs can affect the entire body, helping users quickly dispel fatigue and stress.

Bottle Of Precious Wine

11. Bottle Of Precious Wine

For husbands who have a hobby of drinking or collecting wine, for them, there is no more meaningful birthday gift than a bottle of precious wine. Wives can choose to buy precious bottles of medicinal wine or precious wine as gifts.

Bonsai For Husband

12. Bonsai For Husband

Many men at the age of 30 often have a hobby of playing bonsai. They see this as a healthy little hobby to relieve the pressure of life and help them feel calmer. So why don’t wives give their husbands a beautiful potted plant? These 30th birthday gift ideas for husband can help you share your husband’s fatigue after a stressful and busy working day.

The Trendy Eyewear

13. The Trendy Eyewear

Many women also choose eyeglasses as the perfect choice for their husband’s 30th birthday gift. Giving him a pair of sunglasses will help him avoid squinting when walking in the hot sun, protecting his eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage his eyes.

Cap For Husband

14. Cap For Husband

He often has to go out even when it’s sunny. A cap is an appropriate gift for a guy who often works, or travels a lot. With diverse functions, compact design and affordable prices, these will be practical 30th birthday gifts for husband that many guys will love.

New Style Shaver

15. New Style Shaver

Have you ever found that your husband’s razor is too old, but because he is too busy, he hasn’t changed it yet? Instead of thinking about what to give your husband for his birthday, why not give him a new shaver right away?

The Leather Briefcase

16. The Leather Briefcase

For women who want to search the question of what should be given 30th birthday gifts for husband, why not think of a leather briefcase? This item is always associated with gentlemen when going to work and is a good assistant in storing important documents and computers of her husband.

Set Of Comestic

17. Set Of Comestic

It’s not just women who need careful facial skin care. Men also need quality cosmetics, especially when they turn 30. To have healthy skin, women should choose the right product for their husbands.

Pet For Husband

18. Pet For Husband

Gifts such as bags, cosmetics, clothes, etc. seem to become boring and no longer interesting, what should be given for her husband’s birthday? You can also refer to birds, ornamental fish, and a certain cat or dog on his birthday.

The Sports Equipment

19. The Sports Equipment

If you have a headache because you are looking for husband 30th birthday gift ideas, why not try to refer to sports equipment to help your husband stay healthy?

If your husband is a sports enthusiast, don’t think too much but give him a set of sports equipment right away. If he likes to play football, a pair of professional soccer shoes are the first choice. Or he likes tennis, a set of tennis rackets will make him satisfied.

. The Signature Pen 

20. The Signature Pen 

They are both meaningful and sophisticated for your husband, so why not choose a signature pen? Because the pen is meant to symbolize the beginning of building your own career and is the key to contributing to success in life. Giving her husband a signed pen is a wish for success and promotion at work.

Scarf For Husband

21. Scarf For Husband

What to give your husband’s birthday if it falls in the wintertime? How about a scarf that both keeps your body warm and shows your care and love for your husband? Surely your husband will be very happy and excited every time he wears it to work or business.

The Unique Lighter

22. The Unique Lighter

If your husband is a smoker or has a hobby of collecting unique items, then a birthday gift for him is a unique light that will also make him excited and touched. This is one of the best 30th birthday gifts for husband.

The Car Model

23. The Car Model

If your husband is a person with a passion for cars when choosing a gift for him on his birthday, you can choose the car model. It is not only a decorative item on the desk, but also makes him touched because his wife really cares about his own personal preferences.

Hugging Pillow, Recliner

24. Hugging Pillow, Recliner

With the desire for your husband to have a relaxing and comfortable rest, on his birthday, you can give him gifts that are hug pillows and pillows. Very practical, isn’t it? Sure, it is the best gift for a 30th-birthday husband.

 Party With Birthday Cake

25. Party With Birthday Cake

No need to spend a lot of time thinking about what to buy for your husband’s birthday. Surprise the party with a birthday cake. A gift that is not thought of but will make your husband feel happy and excited when having moments with his closest people.

Great Personal Computer

26. Great Personal Computer

If your husband is a game addict, on this birthday, invest in him a new PC. Although it is a bit expensive, in return for relaxing and comfortable moments for him. These are meaningful gift ideas for husband 30th birthday.

Personalized Birthday Poster

27. Personalized Birthday Poster

Personalized posters are a great and unique way for loved ones to celebrate important birthdays. Birthday posters are filled with highlights from the year of birth that you can further personalize. To make it easier for you, you can get help from an online poster app that makes formatting easy, and then you can simply download, print, and frame it at home. Simple isn’t it?

The Meaningful Book

28. The Meaningful Book

Books are meaningful gifts suitable for everyone. For your husband, you should choose the books that he really needs, be it a book on economics, business administration, or books about entrepreneurship.

The Wall Painting

29. The Wall Painting

Both men and women love beauty. This birthday you can give your husband a stack of wall paintings. These are both meaningful 30th birthday gift ideas husband and decorations for your house.

The Great Camera

30. The Great Camera

If your husband loves to travel, this is a great gift. This camera will keep them happy and precious moments of the two people on the way to exploring the natural beauty in all parts of the country.


The question of what to give for her husband’s 30th birthday causes many women a headache. It is no coincidence that many women have to wonder what their husband’s birthdays will give because of the encouragement and spiritual encouragement of their spouses.

Above, Ohteeshirt has just suggested to you many good 30th birthday gifts for husband that you can refer to give your husband.

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