25+ Perfect 17 year Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Husband

17 year wedding anniversary gifts for husband

Are you looking for 17 year wedding anniversary gifts for husband? While it may not appear to be the most obvious milestone to commemorate, the customary 17th anniversary gift is actually rather significant. The 17th wedding anniversary present theme is furniture, making it the ideal time to renovate before embarking on another year of love.

Of course, furniture isn’t the only option for a 17th anniversary gift; learn more about all 17th anniversary themes and find some serious gift ideas below.

What are the 17-year anniversary gift ideas for husband?

Furniture is a traditional and trendy 17th-anniversary gift that represents safety, comfort, and familiarity. Quality furniture, like a loving relationship, is strong, dependable, and lasts a lifetime. Isn’t it lovely?

However, we understand that selecting an interior-themed anniversary gift might be difficult after all, it’s a large purchase that you’re likely to make together on a regular basis.

Meaningful 17 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

1. Platform Bed Frame

Give your hubby a new bed frame and headboard for your 17th wedding anniversary if your bed begins to squeak every time you get in and out of bed. To make the gift more meaningful, put it together yourself to surprise them.

Platform Bed Frame

2. Contemporary Side Table

Giving furniture can be challenging because you may not have the necessary room. This side table appeals to us since it is small enough to fit practically anywhere: the living room, the bedroom, or the foyer. The distinctive sculpted pillar silhouette ensures that it will stand out regardless of where it is positioned.

Contemporary Side Table

3. The Wooden Bookshelf

Is your companion a voracious reader? Get them a piece of furniture that they’ll always need: a bookcase. This multi-tiered, vertical oak bookshelf will provide stylish space-saving storage. These are perfect 17-year anniversary gift ideas for husband that he will love.

The Wooden Bookshelf

4. Relaxing Chair For Husband

Currently, relaxation chairs with diverse features and designs are being widely sold in the market. If you are looking for 17th anniversary gift ideas for husband, think about the best-selling recliner chairs today.

It’s time to take care of your health but doesn’t worry because this machine will help you. Spend about 15 minutes every day, your health will become better than ever.

Relaxing Chair For Husband

5. Tea Table For Husband

 Lovely tea tables are also 17th wedding anniversary gifts for husband. It will be where your husband sits sipping delicious tea and watching TV. Or simply use it to solve the day’s tasks. Plus it makes your home brighter and more luxurious than ever.

Tea Table For Husband

6. Wine For Husband

In addition to tea, good wine is also a great gift for guys. You can spend a lot of time looking for a bottle of precious wine that matches your taste. Or simply soak your own wine with delicious, natural ingredients as a gift for your husband. At that time, your husband will not be surprised by what his wife loves to give him.

Wine For Husband

7. Multi-Game Table

What about a furniture anniversary gift that the entire family will enjoy? With options for foosball, air hockey, pool, and table tennis, this four-in-one game table will liven up your party. This gift both helps the whole family bond more and is also a gift to relax after stressful working hours

Multi-Game Table

8. The Display Cabinet

Give him 17th anniversary gift ideas for husband so he can display some of his favourite things, whether they be objects of art, curiosities or collections that she has had since childhood. Choose a cabinet that suits his style.

The Display Cabinet

9. Prosperity Dinner For Him

What’s better than celebrating 17 years of marriage with a nice dinner with the one you love? Make a reservation at an old favourite, go to a trendy new restaurant, or hire a chef to prepare your meals at home. To make 17th anniversary gift ideas for husband more special, go to the kitchen and prepare the dishes he enjoys. I’m sure he’ll be pleasantly surprised and happy.

Prosperity Dinner For Him

10. A Place To Rest Together

Celebrate your 17th wedding anniversary with a second honeymoon. A luxurious holiday is a terrific way to pamper yourself, whether you like to stay local and fancy or go abroad for an adventurous experience. Even if it’s just a short weekend away, take the opportunity to commemorate your 17th wedding anniversary and plan the days ahead.

A Place To Rest Together

11. The Washable Carpet 

A gorgeous rug completes every room. Of course, adding an extra rug to your solid wood or tile floors can be a concern if you have small children, pets, or a spouse who is prone to accidents.

The Washable Carpet 

12. 4-Seater Dining Table Set

This dining table with 4 chairs helps to decorate your kitchen space more cosy and beautiful. The dining table set with 4 chairs are practical wedding anniversary gift for your husband. With a smart design that can be used easily and conveniently, this product is a great choice for their home.

4-Seater Dining Table Set

13. Compact Smart Shoe Cabinet

Shoe cabinet with a smart design that opens and folds, has a compartment for helmets and only takes up a small area, just enough instead of using other normal shoe shelves. Today, the trend of using smart shoe cabinets is being chosen by young families because of their compactness and versatility.

Compact Smart Shoe Cabinet

14. Decorative Floor Lamp

Today, lamps not only bring light but also increase the modern aesthetic of the space and contribute to the space becoming cosy. You can buy a decorative standing lamp along with a relaxing chair as one of the perfect 17th anniversary gift ideas for husband.

Decorative Floor Lamp

15. World Map Wall Clock

Wall clocks are particularly meaningful 17th wedding anniversary gifts for husband with the wish to always be happy and sustainable over time. Wall clocks are also feng shui for homeowners, and with this unique new world map wall clock, it is a modern and meaningful wedding gift for the owner.

World Map Wall Clock

16. Family Wine Cabinet

Men often love to take care of their family wine racks, collecting precious and delicious wines to welcome their close friends on special occasions. The wine cabinet is also to decorate the luxurious and lively part of the house. With a compact wine rack as a wedding gift, it will be very suitable for giving to your brother on the big wedding day.

Family Wine Cabinet

17. The New Television

If your TV is old, on this 17th wedding anniversary, change it to a newer and more stylish TV for your home. This gift for your husband is not only meaningful but also makes your home brighter. Surely, these are great 17th anniversary gift ideas for husband. 

The New Television

18. A Technological Device

Men have always been strongly attracted to technology devices. Therefore, you can consider choosing a simple gift for your husband. If you can afford it, buy your husband a phone/tablet that matches his interests.

A Technological Device

19. Carnation In Red

Giving red carnations on your 17th wedding anniversary is a relatively new custom. Carnations, in general, represent affection. If the old symbol of the red carnation does not upset you, include a red carnation in 17 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband. 

Carnation In Red

20. Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

If your furniture doesn’t need an upgrade, but your kitchen essentials do, consider a new set of cutlery for the 17th anniversary. I’m sure my husband will love it when using it. It is presented in a very luxurious multi-compartment box. Not only materially, but also spiritually.

Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

21. Fruit Press For Husband

A good choice for you to make a meaningful wedding gift for your husband is a blender or juicer or give both of these products. Many people have chosen to gift their husbands with these 2 kitchen appliances when they know that their husbands like healthy drinks.

Fruit Press For Husband

22. The New Refrigerator

It’s great if you have the economic conditions to buy a new refrigerator as one of the perfect choices for your husband. This gift is suitable. Because a new refrigerator is quite expensive. This device is also almost indispensable for every family to store food.

The New Refrigerator

23. Smart Water Purifier

If you are still wondering what meaningful gifts should be given to the wedding, a water purifier is a good choice. This is a necessary item for every family to ensure that the water source for daily life and eating is always clean.

Smart Water Purifier

24. Baking Tools For Husband

Another interesting option is suitable husbands who love baking. Full set of baking tools including products such as measuring tools, whisk, whisk, large bowl, oven, dough roller, and tools for cake decoration,…

In addition, all are designed to be compact and beautiful, which are effective “arms” to help people satisfy their baking passion. This is definitely a gift that you should not miss.

Baking Tools For Husband

25. Baking Tools For Husband

Another interesting option is suitable for husbands who love baking. Full set of baking tools including products such as measuring tools, whisk, whisk, large bowl, oven, dough roller, and tools for cake decoration, …

In addition to real furniture, leather wallets are also creative 17 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband. A high-class leather wallet is an indispensable accessory for everyone. In particular, it helps men store and organize important papers that need to be carried every day.

A Leather Wallet

26. A Tie For Husband

For men, a tie is an indispensable item. It helps them become more elegant in large, luxurious events. If you realize your husband’s tie is old, choose a new one as a gift. This is really a meaningful gift with high applicability.

A Tie For Husband


Above is a list of classy 17 year wedding anniversary gifts for husband suggested by Ohteeshirt. Although simple, these are all products that mean a lot to the recipient. These products will help complete the interior of the house. At the same time, bring comfort to your husband.

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