23+ Impressive 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Husband

60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Husband

Choosing 60th birthday gift ideas for husband will represent your love and affection for your husband on your behalf. The age of 60 is the period when the body and mind begin to have marked changes. Therefore, choosing a birthday gift for a 60-year-old husband needs to be thorough and appropriate. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Perfect Gift Ideas For My Husband’s 60th Birthday

1. Watches For 60-Year-Olds

Watches are considered one of the accessories that men need most in their busy daily lives. This is also considered a “time” gift to show gratitude and respect to your husband. Gifts are small but contain great value.

Therefore, elegant high-quality watches from famous brands such as Switzerland, Japan, England, and France… are meaningful 60th birthday gifts for husband

Watches For 60 Year Olds

2. Infrared Chair Improves Health

Health is always important, especially for the elderly. Therefore, full-body massage chairs are meaningful 60th birthday gifts for husband. This healthcare device will provide effective therapeutic exercises to reduce osteoarthritis pain in people over 60 years old.

Infrared Chair Improves Health

3. Multi-Function Shaver

For a limited budget, you can choose a smart all-in-one shaver. These will definitely be cheap 60th birthday gift ideas for your husband that you can refer to. The gift is simple but very practical in daily life. Moreover, the device also helps to show your care for your husband.

Multi-Function Shaver

4. Cosmetics For Men

Regardless of age, appearance is also very important when it is one of the factors that create success at work, especially when going to meet customers, but most men are often interested in work and rarely pay attention to self-care.

It is not uncommon for wives to choose cosmetics as birthday gifts for their husbands. Choosing a set of cosmetics including cleansers, shower gel, etc. will help care for and preserve the beauty of husbands at the age of 60.

Cosmetics For Men

5. The Carved Wallet

An engraved leather wallet is a great practical 60th birthday gift idea for husband. Because in daily life, leather wallet is an indispensable item for men. Therefore, you should choose a high-quality men’s leather wallet to create elegance and luxury.

In addition, you should engrave your husband’s name on the front of the leather wallet. This will help show your love and your flair. In addition, this item can also help you show your sincere affection and care for your husband.

The Carved Wallet

6. Jewellery For Husband

Despite being 60 years old, men also love jewellery gifts such as rings or necklaces. Not only for women, but jewellery is also a classy accessory that increases the elegant and luxurious beauty of men, so it is also a meaningful birthday gift for the husband.

Possessing long-term value and high aesthetic beauty, these 60th birthday gift ideas for husband are sure to be loved by all men and surprised when received. With this gift, there will be a lot of choices such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets… but just a little sophistication can choose what you like.

Jewellery For Husband

7. Collection Of Unique Wine Glasses

On his 60th birthday, raise a glass to his good health. This collection of unique wine glasses will make the festivities even more memorable. The website sells the 60th birthday special wine glass.

This product is created in the United States of America with high-quality materials that will ensure its longevity. Superior ceramic inks are used to print the product, which is then fired at temperatures of up to 1200 degrees. A genuinely indelible impression that will never fade or lose its lustre. The glass has a 15-ounce capacity.

Collection Of Unique Wine Glasses

8. Handmade Box Of Chocolates

Gets a box of chocolates or your husband’s beloved treat that never goes out of style! So your hubby will undoubtedly appreciate receiving something he enjoys. Of course, you can prepare your own or go for his favourite sweet treat.

 Handmade Box Of Chocolates

9. A High-Quality Multitool

What about getting the birthday man a high-quality multitool? This is one of the best 60th birthday gifts for husband because it is sturdy enough to aid him with the most difficult projects as well as for everyday use.

He’ll find knives, wire cutters, pliers, and other equipment. The best part is that it can be used with just one hand. This is an all-in-one tool that is lightweight and portable.

A High-Quality Multitool

10. A Novelty Clock

Give him a novelty clock that indicates the day of the week for his 60th birthday, something he is unlikely to expect. Allow him to keep track of the days of the week; this is especially important if he is about to retire. This is fantastic for your hubby, who is really essential in your life.

There are numerous clock designs available that may readily match any home’s décor. Once he opens the present, it makes a terrific décor for the celebration.

A Novelty Clock

11. Massage Gun For Deep Tissue Massage

With this portable massage gun, he may have a fantastic muscle-relaxing session anywhere. He can target the spot to work on with the proper head because he has multiple heads for different muscles.

The numerous speeds will suit the user’s preferences, while the quiet and ergonomic design makes it simple to use. If you want something practical that he can use for a long time, this is without a doubt one of the greatest and most reasonable 60th birthday gift ideas for your husband.

Massage Gun For Deep Tissue Massage

12. Binoculars With Smartphone Mount

This binoculars kit, which includes a carrying bag, strap, and cleaning cloth, will satisfy the adventurous man. Powerful magnification ensures a clear view, and the phone mount allows him to quickly record zoomed-in photographs with his smartphone through the binocular lens!

This is a fantastic method for the 60-year-old retired guy to pass the time while also sharing his adventure photos and movies with his family and friends.

Binoculars With Smartphone Mount

13. Exquisite Wine And Gourmet Gift Basket

Gift ideas for your husband’s 60th birthday are used to commemorate a special occasion, thus it is better to gift something noteworthy.

Consider this wine and gourmet set, which oozes luxury and is very attractive. He will find not only two bottles of great wine, but also a variety of gourmet snacks such as premium chocolates, almonds, and cookies inside the basket. They are also excellent meaningful 60th birthday gifts for husband or an anniversary celebration.

Exquisite Wine And Gourmet Gift Basket

14. Smart Speaker With Clock

A bedside speaker with advanced smart functions is a terrific addition. Even if your husband is the age of 60, this high-tech product with crystal clear sound is an appropriate smart tech device.

He can provide commands to conduct chores such as playing music, checking the weather, and controlling other compatible home gadgets, among other things. This is very good and useful stuff for him.

Smart Speaker With Clock

15. A Trip For A Meaningful Gift

Age is advanced, but no husband will criticize the 60th birthday gift idea for husband as a trip. After many years of living together, surely with a busy life with many burdens and pressures, couples often miss out on long trips together.

A trip will be the ideal opportunity to show love for each other, and experience interesting things that have been forgotten before. Why not try choosing a birthday gift for your beloved husband, a trip to the beach or mountain climbing?

A Trip For A Meaningful Gift

16. A Grooming Kit

Sixty-year-old men are mature and practical, thus all they want for a birthday gift is something practical and pragmatic. Appearances are essential to him, and he takes delight in keeping himself properly groomed. Using the right tools is essential, so get him a grooming kit with all the gear he could ever need for his 60th birthday.

An ear and nose trimmer, tweezers, cuticle pusher, razor, and a variety of additional tools are included, all housed in a leather case. This package is ideal for bringing on the move or using it at home every day. You won’t have to worry about it being too large or cumbersome because it’s small enough to fit in tight locations.

A Grooming Kit

17. A Home-Cooked Meal

What best 60th birthday gifts for husband are more meaningful than having a wife cook a party to celebrate? Having a good wife is the desire of all men, so why not take advantage of your advantage to make a party with many delicious dishes and beautiful flowers for your husband’s birthday?

If you are wondering and worried, you can refer to how to celebrate your husband’s birthday in books, on the Internet, or at a small party with all your family members.

Sometimes the gifts of luxury value can’t compare to the delicious food prepared by the wife herself. This is a golden opportunity for the wife to show her deep and loving heart to her loyal husband

 Home-Cooked Meal

18. The Instrument For Husband

Music is proven by a number of scientific studies to help people relax in the best way, which has brought many specific effects such as: reducing diseases, and reducing pain in surgery,… Therefore, musical instruments are the answer to the question of what gift should you give for your husband’s 60th birthday.

Choosing to buy musical instruments as one of the greatest gift ideas for your husband’s 60th birthday is also a way that you are connecting more emotionally and solidarity among family members when everyone sits together to enjoy your husband’s talent.

It is not necessarily expensive gifts that are good choices, but meaningful husband gifts when they bring practical value, are loved by the recipient and are often used in their lives.

The Instrument For Husband

19. Handmade Photo Albums

Photo albums are loved by many people and chosen as gifts for their husbands because of their uniqueness and meaning. Here you can choose family photos, photos of you and your husband, or photos of a special and memorable moment to create a handmade photo album.

You can create handmade photo albums to decorate and organize your favourite pictures. However, if you don’t have time, you can also choose pre-designed or custom-designed photo albums to have beautiful, high-quality handmade photo albums.

Handmade Photo Albums

20. A New Comfortable Recliner

As your spouse adjusts to retirement, he may find himself spending more time at home. Why not get him a new comfortable recliner? He can utilize it while sitting on the balcony or in the yard. Alternatively, he might place it in front of his television and enjoy his amusement.

This chair has five different reclining settings from which he can pick. It is made of steel, yet it is collapsible so he can easily bring it wherever he wants.

A Comfy Recliner Char

21. Story Of His Name

A printed piece of art depicting the tale of his name is one of the perfect gift ideas for your husband’s 60th birthday who will be pleasantly surprised!

Even after six decades, he is unlikely to have heard of the history of his name! You have the option of framing the paper and adding personalized wording to make it even more distinctive. He’ll be thrilled to display the frame prominently following his birthday party!

Story Of His Name

22. Unique Golf Balls

If your husband enjoys golf, you will understand that you cannot play without balls! Any golfer, amateur or professional, will lose their balls during a game, thus giving golf balls is a safe idea because they are always in demand.

To make it a unique and distinctive gift, give unique and eye-catching balls rather than the standard white ones found in any store. The Internet has a large selection of colourful and patterned balls.

This way, when your husband uses them, he will always remember you and will be able to tell them apart from other gamers. Of course, let us hope he doesn’t drown them all!

 Unique Golf Balls

23. A Bottle Of Booze

We’re not talking about any old bottles from the local grocery shop. If you decide to give him this type of gift, look for something unique and exceptional, such as a premium or collector version of the wine he appreciates or a limited edition bottle of the whiskey brand he prefers. If your husband is a collector of spirits, beer, or wine, a valued bottle will suffice.

A Bottle Of Booze

24. Premium Bamboo Wood Greeting Birthday Card

This clever handcrafted birthday gift for the 60-year-old includes a one-of-a-kind and lovely keepsake that conveys a more essential message to the recipient.

It is also a perfect 60th birthday gift idea for husband because it includes an area for you to handwrite your personal and meaningful message.

Opening this card with its inviting design and heartfelt birthday greetings is a pleasant experience. Besides,  it was made of bamboo material, it feels more familiar and closer to nature.

Premium Bamboo Wood Greeting Birthday Card

25. Personalized Pillows For Husband

Ordinary pillows bought at stores and supermarkets are usually only white if the extra colour is due to the colour of the pillow cover. But if the birthday present is just that, it is no different from ordinary household items. It is a birthday gift, so on it, there must be wishes, messages, images,… to make a birthday gift, especially a birthday gift for your most beloved person.

So the pillow cannot be as normal as any other item. So to make the pillow more unique, you can add wishes, commemorative images of both husband and wife, chibi images of the two of you, or just a simple sentence “I love you”. Definitely compared to other things. That gift is even more meaningful.

Personalized Pillows For Husband

What Do You Get A 60th Birthday Gift Idea For Husband?

Purchase a gift that will make him feel special. Something related to his personality or hobbies and interests is ideal. Something he can relate to is a terrific recommendation for a hilarious, meaningful, unusual, classic, or personalized gift to give him at his 60th birthday party.

How To Make Your Gift A Thoughtful One?

Every present is unique, but you definitely want to make this one memorable. Spend more time than usual thinking about what you could give him. Something handcrafted? Or is it anything for his everyday life?

Should it be an experience, such as a vacation or a hobby class? Consider this for a long time. Take note of him and his casual remarks. You should be able to figure out what to get by using your observation abilities.

If you buy something online, be sure to order it 1 to 2 weeks before his birthday, as there may be delays in delivery or changes in the gift’s characteristics. So having time on your side saves you from the shame of not having a gift on the day.


Above are 60th birthday gift ideas for husband that Ohteeshirt share with you. Hope that these small suggestions will help everyone to choose the most meaningful and wonderful husband gift on a special day.