19+ Suprise Private Gender Reveal Ideas For Husband

private gender reveal ideas for husband

“Will it be a boy or a girl?” Do you want to surprise your husband in a unique way with private gender reveal ideas for husband?  Here are some suggestions for revealing your gender.

Everyone in your immediate family wants to know the gender of the baby as soon as you announce it. And I wouldn’t be surprised if your husband or partner is curious about the baby’s gender before the gender reveal celebration. After all, he’s just as excited as you are to learn the gender of the baby!

We have you covered whether you want to reveal your gender quietly to just you and your hubby or surprise your immediate relatives.

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas For Husband

1. With Sealed Envelope

Make it more intimate if you want a private gender reveal with only you and your hubby. To make the cute gender reveal ideas for husband, have an ultrasound technician write down the baby’s gender on a piece of paper and place it in a sealed envelope. A sealed envelope with the sex of the baby in your belly sent to the family mailbox is sure to surprise your husband.

With Sealed Envelope

2. Wine Bottle Label

You are not allowed to drink alcohol for the time being, but you can have your spouse drink on your behalf to commemorate the occasion. With this instant download ‘Drink this for me’ Gender reveal wine bottle label, you can give your favourite brand of wine a new twist. Print this wine label at home and adhere it to the bottle of wine.

Bring the bottle of wine to a beautiful meal at home and wait until he reads the label on the bottle. Keep your camera ready to record his emotions as he discovers the baby’s gender. These fast download gender reveal wine bottle labels include labels for both men and women. The label measures 3.5′ x 5′ and will fit a normal wine bottle or sparkling juice bottle.

Wine Bottle Label

3. Gender Reveal With Baby Outfit

When you know the gender of the baby, go out and get nice baby clothing and gift wrap it. Then allow him to open the present. To reveal the gender of the baby, acquire a personalised onesie and say something nice about daddy (like “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy”). These are simple gender reveal ideas for husband that your husband will surprise.

Gender Reveal With Baby Outfit

4. Gender Reveal With Fire

If you and your spouse enjoy spending evenings by a romantic fire, colour-shifting fire pouches will send those sparks flying even higher. To surprise your boyfriend or husband with the news of a baby boy, turn indoor or outdoor fires into sparkling blue flames.

Although no pink or red options are available (due to the fire’s naturally orange tint), you can use this innovative gender reveal idea for husband to celebrate the arrival of a little girl. Simply start your reveal with the rainbow fire option, then deliver a dish of s’mores accoutrements, including pink marshmallows.

Make a Fire For The Boys

5. Create a Gender Reveal Playlist

Does your partner enjoy jamming out to his favourite songs? He can learn if his new dance companion will be a little boy or a little girl with a gender reveal mixtape and get a head start on rehearsing those (embarrassing) dad dance techniques.

For this revelation, we recommend telling your husband or partner that you have a surprise for him but need a little more time to prepare it. Allow him to wait while you arrange the surprise, and while he does, allow him to listen to this amazing new playlist you created. Then leave the room and wait to watch how long it takes him to realize the surprise has already begun.

Create a Gender Reveal Playlist

6. Gender Reveal With Candle

Get this colour-changing candle and light it at dinner time for an intimate and extremely personal gender reveal. When the candle turns blue or pink after 20 minutes of burning, your husband will know the gender. Surely it will be the perfect gender reveal idea for husband.

Gender Reveal With Candle

7. Gender Reveal With Pets

Already the proud parents of a cute pet? Dress up your pet to reveal the gender of your human kid to your boyfriend or husband. These adorable gender-reveal bandanas are ideal for both small dogs and cats, as well as larger pets.

Besides, design a blackboard on the side of your pet with words revealing the baby’s gender like “ It’s getting to a little brother”, or” It’s getting to a little sister”. When your boyfriend returns home from work or the gym, he will be greeted by his best friend and the news of his new best friend.

Gender Reveal With Pets

8. Gender Reveal With Balloons 

Balloons in just about any shape or form create a wonderful surprise gender reveal, whether you want it just for your husband or for the whole family. So grab this pink and blue cardboard gender reveals box, fill it with pink or blue helium balloons, and seal it. Allow your husband to unwrap the box first.

Gender Reveal With Balloons

9. Gender Reveal With Chalk Cannon

If you’ve never played with colour before, you’re missing out. These non-toxic Holi colours can be used to build a chalk cannon.

Alternatively, let this professionally made chalk cannon reveal gender with maximum pop and safety. However, use caution when utilizing these chalk cannons as they can inflict harm.

Gender Reveal With Chalk Cannon

10. Design A Scavenger Hunt

Is your partner or husband a hunter? Perhaps he simply enjoys a good riddle. In any case, creating a scavenger hunt to uncover the gender of your baby is an interactive and exciting way to surprise your partner with the ultimate gift. Place clues across your home or area, each leading to the location of the next clue.

For the final hint? Bring your husband or partner to any of the adorable genders reveal ideas listed above, such as a package holding a dad shirt and baby onesie, a surprise location packed with balloons, or a cake ready to be carved. 

Design A Scavenger Hunt

11. Gender Reveal Golf Ball

Allow your child to take a swing at discovering the baby’s gender literally! This golf ball will explode into pink or blue powder with a single whack of the club. It’s an easy gender reveal the idea that the whole family will enjoy.

Gender Reveal Golf Ball

12. Gender Reveal Guessing Game

What good is a gender reveal party if there is no gender reveal games? Here’s a simple one for you: Allow your husband and your visitor to write their guesses on slips of paper. After the party, let them know what you’ll be having. Those that correctly guess receive a reward. This is also an excellent way to reveal the gender of twins!

13. Oreo Cookie Gender Reveal

This is a really cunning technique to tell the gender of your kid for Oreo cookie enthusiasts. Remove the top of the Oreo cookie and decorate the centre with white cream with pink or blue sprinkles.

Replace the top cookie over the crème and coat it with melted chocolate, followed by several ordinary Oreos. Remove the platter of mixed Oreos off the table. Provide hints to your family and urge them to eat Oreos until someone obtains an Oreo with pink or blue sprinkles.

Oreo Cookie Gender Reveal

14. Revealing Lollipops

Another cute gender reveals idea for your husband is revealing lollipops. Give the kids covered lollipops. Under the wrapper, these lollipops should be blue or pink. This revelation is a sweet treat that appeals to the whole family.

Revealing Lollipops

15. Gender Reveals With Cake

If you are skilful in the kitchen, you can prepare a cake with a hidden gender surprise inside, in the form of colour. The preparation is very easy, you just need a sponge cake with natural flavours like lemon, fresh cream and food colouring of the necessary colour. Cut the cake into several layers and cover it with cream.

Cover the entire cake with cream or chocolate and when you cut the cake enjoy it as a family you will discover something unexpected. If you don’t want to cook it you can prepare it for yourself in a nearby bakery.

Gender Reveals With Cake

16. Gender Reveal With Confetti Box

Ask someone to fill in a box with the corresponding colour of the confetti. Raise it high in the air and use a rope to pull it out. Let the sudden rainfall on the soon-to-be parents. These are cute gender reveal ideas for husband.

Gender Reveal With Confetti Box

17. Gender Reveal With Bath Bomb

While you discover joyful news, take a bath with your husband and enjoy a moisturizing bath bomb with a fruity smell. This bath bomb will turn the water in your bathtub blue or pink but will not stain it, so don’t worry about cleaning up the mess.

Gender Reveal With Bath Bomb

18. Gender Reveal With Pumpkin

This cute and creative gender reveal idea for your husband is ideal for breaking the news in the fall, and it also works nicely for gatherings. You can invite your partner to carve a pumpkin for a gender reveal celebration.

Before your visitors arrive, carefully carve the word “girl” or “boy” into your pumpkin. When everyone has completed carving their pumpkins, put a candle inside each one and place them on your doorway.

Gender Reveal With Pumpkin

19. Gender Reveals With a Piñata

Find a large piñata and fill it with candy or boy or girl toys. You can also include small fans if you host the event in the summer. Everything you can think of that can help decipher the long-awaited news. Your family members will have a great time playing with the piñata just like children. Discovering information will be fun and exciting.

In addition, you can use a large cardboard box. And make your own piñata, it will be a gender reveal idea for husband occasion to have a good time with your partner or with the kids if you have more children.

Gender Reveals With a Piñata

20. Gender Reveal Baseball

If you’re throwing a sports-themed gender reveals party, get ready to batter! Wear pink or blue to your gender reveal party guests’ votes, then see which team wins by hitting one of these coloured powder-filled baseballs out of the field. (Alternatively, you can select a gender reveal football or a gender reveal soccer ball)

Gender Reveal Baseball

21. Gender Reveal With Scrapbook

A scrapbook is an excellent choice for a private and intimate gender reveal idea for husband. You or your spouse can make a scrapbook with images from the beginning of your pregnancy until today. Look through the pages to recall special milestones such as learning you were pregnant, your first ultrasound, seeing your baby belly for the first time, or purchasing your baby’s cot.

Attach the most recent sonogram with anything indicating whether you’re having a boy or a girl on the final completed page. You could, for example, draw a pink or blue heart on the snapshot. Make plenty of extra pages for the remainder of your pregnancy and when you meet your new baby!

Gender Reveal With Scrapbook

What Is A Gender Reveal Party?

A gender reveals party is a celebration in which parents-to-be reveal their baby’s gender to friends and family, or when parents find out for themselves. This event used to exist as a separate tradition that parents did together.

Gender reveal parties, on the other hand, have recently become a forerunner to baby showers. These parties are usually more casual than baby showers and are open to both sexes.

What Is The Gender Reveal Party Theme

The gender reveal theme helps bring the party to life.”What will be a bee?” is a common theme. The host adorned the celebration with bee and honey décor in keeping with the theme. This is a great theme because it starts out being gender-neutral and doesn’t give away anything.

Sports themes are also popular, especially if parents are big sports fans. Order colour-exploded golf or baseball balls for the main event and watch as parents discover their baby’s gender. Many couples also choose the simple blue and pink gender reveals the theme.

One of the best private gender reveal ideas for husband to find inspiration for a gender reveal theme is to find something that both mom and dad enjoy.

When Should You Tell Your Partner About Your Baby’s Gender?

When you find out the gender of your baby, you’ll probably want to tell your spouse and celebrate as soon as possible. If a special occasion is approaching, such as your partner’s birthday, a vacation, or Father’s Day, time your announcement to coincide with this special day to create an even more memorable surprise.


Above, Ohteeshirt has just introduced readers to private gender reveal ideas for husband. Each idea has its own good points and meanings. We hope you can choose a good idea to welcome a new baby. Good luck.

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