21+ Tasteful Memorial Tattoo Ideas For Grandma 

memorial tattoo ideas for grandma

In our opinion, our grandma is the only person on the planet who deserves to have a tattoo in their honor. They are or were wonderful people who made us feel loved and appreciated more than anyone else on the planet. Only they can give us unconditional love, and we are frequently heartbroken when they leave us to rest in peace.

We’ve compiled a list of memorial tattoo ideas for grandma for you to look through and select from. You can commission a portrait of your grandparents, or you can go with something as simple as a personalized symbol that reminds you of them.

Tattoo Ideas For Memory Of Grandma

1. Grandma Memorial Tattoo

Isn’t this piece adorable and mushy? This little piece, designed in a minimalist style, features two very cute figures: Grandma. It is designed to appear animated and is perfect for a memorial tattoo. The words “Grandma” is etched beneath the two figures in flowing font, adding to their cute appearance.

Small memorial tattoos are popular for commemorating deceased family members because they have a simple appearance and serve as a reminder while honoring your loved one.

Grandma Memorial Tattoo

2. Memorial Portrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoo ideas are extremely popular, especially when it comes to honoring a deceased loved one and serving as beautiful memorial artwork.

Old images or photos of your grandparents may hold a lot of meaning for you, and you may keep those images close to your heart; however, photographs fade over time. A tattoo, on the other hand, will never fade, and if it does, it can always be retouched.

As a result, getting a portrait of your grandparents tattooed on you is a brilliant tattoo idea for granny because you will always be able to carry them with you.

Memorial Portrait Tattoo

3. Flowers Tattoo

Last but not least, a poppy and daffodil tattoo represents a grandfather and grandmother′ever-loving pair and their togetherness, even in death. Poppy flowers are said to represent both life and death, whereas daffodils represent renewal and life.

They make an excellent couple. The message “together forever” is clearly conveyed through two simple flower etchings, ideal for the entire world to see and recognize the message of togetherness.

Flowers Tattoo

4. Angel Tattoo

Grandma likes guardian angels in our lives. They are present on your worst and best days. They will give you all the love and support you when you get into trouble. So it makes sense to remember them with an angel tattoo.

You could possibly get angel wings with the word “Grandma” written between the wings. You could also include a date from her life, such as the year she was born and the year she died.

Angel Tattoo

5. Heartbeat Tattoo

We are all aware of the significance of heartbeats, both literally and metaphorically. When someone tells you that you are their heartbeat, the depth of those words is beautiful and intimate.

Grandmothers frequently refer to and treat their grandchildren as if they were heartbeats. If you can relate, this tattoo design is ideal for you.

Heartbeat Tattoo

6. Meaning Quotes Tattoo

Quotes are a lovely way to honor your grandmother through tattoos tattoo ideas for the memory of grandma. Quotes are short, powerful statements that can make or break you.

Maybe you and your grandmother have a favorite quote from a book or a movie, or maybe she told you something once that meant a lot to you, or maybe a simple quote saying “I miss you” or “We only part to meet again” will suffice.

Meaning Quotes Tattoo

7. Handwriting Tattoo

Technology has advanced to the point where you can permanently imprint your grandmother’s handwriting on your skin. It is a very personal thing to do. It will be the best token of love that you carry with you wherever you go, as a piece of her will always be with you.

So, if you have a note or letter from your grandmother, choose a word or phrase you want on you and get it done right away.

Handwriting Tattoo

8. Beautiful Rose Tatoo

Rose is universally associated with love, friendship, and admiration, all of which you will receive from your grandmother. As a result, a thoughtful grandmother memorial tattoo would be a rose.

You could get a rose in her favorite color or a rose with a quote on it. Personalize the design as much as possible. This is an excellent choice for an arm or chest tattoo.

Beautiful Rose Tatoo

9. Bird Tatoo

Birds are a popular memorial tattoo because they represent the transition between life and death. It is a thoughtful way to commemorate your grandmother’s next journey. You could ink any bird, possibly her favorite, on your chest or arm.

Bird Tatoo

10. Leaf Tattoo

Depending on the type of leaf and, possibly, your culture, leaves have a variety of symbols. A leaf can symbolize strength, growth, fertility, and other things. This is the best tattoo idea for the memory of grandma.

Assume you admire your grandmother’s resilience and strength. So having a leaf inscribed with her name would be a thoughtful tattoo idea way to remember her.

Leaf Tattoo

11. Spoon Tattoo

For generations, we have associated one of life’s simplest and greatest pleasures with grandma’s cooking. The majority of us can confidently assert that our grandmothers are the best cooks we’ve ever known or will ever know.

You could get a spoon tattoo if you learned to cook or spent many days in your grandmother’s kitchen and have heartfelt memories with her involving cooking or food. It is both a unique and significant tattoo for the memory of grandma. A spoon tattoo on your arm would look amazing.

Spoon Tattoo

12. Heart Touching Tattoo

If you’re looking for more heartfelt ways to express your emotions and relationship with your granny, we’ve got a few unique ideas for you.

You could get a tattoo of a child and an elderly woman representing you and Granny, a child’s hand and an adult’s hand, a portrait of Grandma, and so on. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Heart Touching Tattoo

13. Knitting Tattoo

Knitting is a skill that our grandmothers taught us on quiet and relaxing evenings. It is an art skill that is no longer widely celebrated, but it is still enjoyed on evenings spent with our grandmothers.

A knitting bowl tattoo is a thoughtful tattoo idea and shows others an important part of who you are. You have the ability to go anywhere you want by design.

Knitting Tattoo

14. Card Tattoo

Who doesn’t enjoy a good game night? Especially if it entailed giggling with your grandmother while playing cards. Those are some of the most cherished memories tattoo ideal.

Again, if you’re looking for a unique and non-trendy tattoo idea, consider getting a card tattoo for your grandmother.

Card Tattoo

15. Butterfly Tattoo

In terms of memorial tattoos, the butterfly represents rebirth, transformation, hope, and so on. Butterflies, like preserved memories of our grandmothers, remind us of the innocence of childhood.

A butterfly may remind you of your grandmother’s delicate and strong personality, or it may be something else entirely. A butterfly can be drawn on any part of your body and in any size.

Butterfly Tattoo

16. Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Many things are represented by the anatomical heart, including strength, compassion, unity, and so on. You are free to choose the meaning based on your personal relationship with your granda.

Engraving a meaningful anatomical heart to represent your relationship with your grandmother will look amazing, especially if you get it right above your heart.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo

17. Grandma’s Name Tattoo

This grandmother’s tattoo is colorfully designed. It’s added a row of flowers. The floral design is already colorful and vibrant. Above the flower crown, you can include your grandmother’s name.

The tattoo is designed to be placed on the lower arm. The design is beautiful.

Grandma's Name Tattoo

18. Grandma Warrior Tattoo

The tattoo symbolizes your affection for your grandmother. This design is for you if you adore your grandmother. The design demonstrates how brave your grandmother was!

Grandma Warrior Tattoo

19. Honoring Grandma Tattoo

You can honor your grandmother by tattooing the place she loves on your arm. A sunshine beach will look fantastic.

Honoring Grandma Tattoo

20. Adorable Grandma Tattoo

The tattoo depicts a scene in which the grandmother and granddaughter are sitting on a bench. It will take you back to your roaming days with your grandmother. The granddaughter adores her grandmother. It is a lovely design.

Adorable Grandma Tattoo

21. Grandma’s Date Tattoo

This is an exclusive design. The designs include a heart shape with various dates on it. The tattoo includes your grandmother’s name, birthday, and date of death.

Grandma's Date Tattoo

What are the advantages of getting a tattoo of the grandma?

Getting a grandparent tattoo can provide a number of advantages. This type of tattoo can be seen as a way to remember and honor grandparents who have passed away.

It can also be used to honor their memory. A grandparent tattoo can be seen as a way to show living grandparents how much they are loved and appreciated.

How do I choose the best design for my grandma’s tattoo?

When selecting a design for grandma’s tattoo, keep in mind the meaning you want the tattoo to convey. If you’re looking for a tattoo to remember and honor your deceased grandmother, you might want to consider a portrait or an outline of a figure.

If you’re looking for a tattoo to express your love for your living grandmother, consider something more playful or personal. Whatever meaning you choose for your grandparent tattoo, make sure the design is something you will enjoy for many years.

What are some excellent ideas for tattoo memorials for grandma?

There are numerous options for creating a grandparent tattoo memorial. You have the option of having the tattoo done in black and white or in color.

You can also add text to the tattoo, such as your grandparents’ names or a special message. Whatever you decide, make sure the tattoo is something you will enjoy for many years to come.


As a result, if you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for your grandmother, you should go for it. The collection of memorial tattoo ideas for grandma which Ohteeshirt has suggested to you that will help you mark your love for them, permanently.

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