35+ Impressive DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma

diy mother's day gifts for grandma

Grandma will cherish a homemade gift from the heart. She will appreciate the time and effort put into making something special for her, no matter how difficult the craft is. And we’re confident you’ll agree she’s worth the extra effort! So go to the craft room and create a gift that will show her how important she is to you.

These delightful crafts are also suitable for children. So, grab the glue gun, gather the children, and get to work. Check out our spring wreaths and cross-stitch patterns for more DIY gift ideas that Grammy will adore. And if you’re going shopping, don’t forget to check out our guide to find the DIY Mother’s Day gifts for grandma.

Mother’s Day Diy Gifts For Grandma

Flower Sugar Cookies

1. Flower Sugar Cookies

Mother’s Day falls in the spring when the sun appears to be shining constantly and the flowers are in bloom. What better way to honor Grandma than by making seasonal flower sugar cookies?

Kids can use their imaginations to decorate them with bright pastel colors and playful designs. They can also use royal icing to add a special touch.

Flower Napkins

2. Flower Napkins

For her dinner table, make these eye-catching tulip napkins. Flower shapes are simple to draw and cut out if you’re new to block prints.

Separately carve out the flowers and leaves before rolling the paint onto the blocks to print your designs on the napkins.

Miniature Market Bouquets

3. Miniature Market Bouquets

Distribute mini bouquets throughout the house so Grandma can feel the love wherever she goes.

Place garden flowers in kraft paper cones and put them in any location she frequents. She’ll appreciate the sweet surprise.

Hanmade Bowl

4. Handmade Bowl

We all know grandma is fascinated with organization, so what could be better than a handcrafted bowl she can use to collect loose change?

Form a large flower petal out of Sculpey (or another oven-baked clay) to make your sculpture. Form a smaller petal and press it into the larger petal’s center. Fill the bottom of the bowl with plastic beads.

Bake according to package directions to melt plastic and harden clay.

Earrings with Glitter Tassels

5. Earrings with Glitter Tassels

These statement earrings would be eye-catching additions to her jewelry collection.

Glitter, tassels, and the jewelry mold for the earring shapes are all you need. This is the best present for grandma on Mother’s Day DIY.

Candles in Mason Jars

6. Candles in Mason Jars

Make your grandma a mason jar candle in her favorite scent. For an extra touch of love, add a vinyl heart doily to the front.

Bold Blooms

7. Bold Blooms

Surround Grandma with DIY blooms made from colorful patterned wallpaper remnants.

Make floating flowers out of leftover wallpaper. Trace and cut out 8 to 12 petals (depending on size) on the backs of wallpaper remnants (click here for a template).

Pinch one end of each petal together and secure it with hot glue. When the petals are dry, glue them together in a circle. Pushpins are used to secure the piece to the wall.

Vintage Coin Purse

8. Vintage Coin Purse

Grandmas are notorious for hoarding loose pennies and dimes, so she’ll love this handcrafted coin purse for storing all of her loose pennies and dimes!

We can spread out a handkerchief with one pointed end at the top. Fold the bottom point up and center it on the fabric.

Pull the points on the left and right toward the center, slightly overlapping them. Using fusible webbing, secure the sides that overlap the bottom triangle. Add a small snap to the top flap to keep it closed. If desired, top with a decorative button.

Pillow Cover and Tea Towel

9. Pillow Cover and Tea Towel

Begin with a plain tea towel or a single-color pillow. Stitch a pretty floral or striped fabric to the front of the pillow or towel to make it feel special. This is a meaningful present for grandma for this occasion.

Handkerchief Wreath

10. Handkerchief Wreath

If your grandma collects handkerchiefs, wrap an assortment of colorful designs around a wire wreath.

Then make a one-of-a-kind display for her front door or bedroom wall. It is a unique gift idea for grandma on DIY Mother’s Day.

Photo Coasters

11. Photo Coasters

When she looks down and sees her smiling grandchild, she will appreciate her morning brew even more.

Start by printing a picture on card stock paper that is 1/4 inch smaller than a glazed white tile, in either black and white or color. After applying glossy Mod Podge to the back of the picture, center it on the tile and set it in place.

Cute Bracelet

12. Cute Bracelet

This bracelet is a cute gift that is simple to make for any beginner jewelry maker.

It’s embellished with a gold chain and vintage-style ribbon, and pearls can be added for extra oomph.

It is exactly a unique gift idea for grandma on DIY Mother’s Day.

Lip Exfoliant

13. Lip Exfoliant

Lip scrubs are essential for keeping lips moisturized and exfoliated.

Make your mother one (or several) with sweet honey, vanilla, and brown sugar. Consider including a drop of her favorite scent.

Family Photograph

14. Family Photograph

Give Grandma this “photo in a photo” of all of her family’s generations. You can even carry on the tradition year after year (or until more generations are born!).

Garland of Candy Canes

15. Garland of Candy Canes

Granny will appreciate having this gift for DIY Mother’s Day displayed over her mantel or in front of the kitchen window.

You can do this project with your children! Make a truly edible garland by tying together candy canes in heart or staff shapes and stringing them onto colored yarn or rope.

Flower Vase

16. Flower Vase

Make your grandma’s fresh flowers stand out by dressing up a plain glass vase.

Cut a piece of cane webbing to fit around a glass hurricane vase to make it. Stitch a line or crisscross pattern along the edges of the cane webbing with contrasting yarn or embroidery thread.

Wrap the webbing around the vase and glue it down to complete the meaningful present for grandma.

Handwritten Recipe

17. Handwritten Recipe

Recipes are meant to be treasured and preserved for as long as possible. One method is to avoid using paper and instead write them down on something you most likely already have in your kitchen.

We recommend handwriting the recipes for your Grandmother’s favorite home-cooked meals on a pie dish to hang on her wall or place on her counter.

Furthermore, she could give it back so that future generations can keep it in their kitchens as well.

DIY Picture Frame

18. DIY Picture Frame

To make this fun DIY craft, all you need is construction paper, uncooked pasta, glue, and a little imagination.

It’s enjoyable for people of all ages, so parents can participate in this enjoyable project with their children. These picture-perfect frames are only the beginning of this thoughtful gift.

Once the kids have completed their homemade displays, they can go through old photo albums or photo albums to find special photos of Grandma to add the finishing touch.

Gift Set of Salt

19. Gift Set of Salt

Fill your grandma’s kitchen with even more flavor by packaging six different salt flavors curry salt and celery salt, to name a few in a gift box.

If she prefers more aromatic spices, you can always exchange salt for almost anything else in her spice cabinet.

Knit Pillow

20. Knit Pillow

Cozy up granny’s space with this textured knit pillow, which her favorite child crocheted with love.

The kit comes with both written and video instructions, making it extremely convenient.

Granola Box

21. Granola Box

Collaborate with the kids to create a delicious granola gift box complete with all the fixings for Grandma.

Someone makes a large batch of granola that can be easily customized with different add-ins, while someone else locates jars of raw honey and plans the packaging

The kids then take over, filling and sealing the granola bags, packing the box, and making labels to tie on with waxed twine.

Watercolor Roses

22. Watercolor Roses

Paper roses are the best choice for Mother’s Day Diy fifts to granny. This requires a one-of-a-kind tool: a disposable cone coffee filter. To replicate the natural flower, you’ll need an entire box of these.

When you finish the bloom and attach the floral wire stem, the kids will be able to do even more crafting.

Family Scrapbook

23. Family Scrapbook

Create a family scrapbook with ribbon details to assist Grandma in remembering the good old days.

Avoid using destructive tape and glue if you’re working with very fragile photos, historical documents, recipe cards

These ribbon mounts allow you to securely attach these items to your scrapbook page without damaging them.

Photo Flower Pots

24. Photo Flower Pots

Grandma assists their children at every stage of development, from seeds to full blooms, and this gift exemplifies that.

Fill the center of each flower with a picture that represents this year’s holiday.

Geometric Mother's Day Surprise

25. Geometric Mother’s Day Surprise

To make this sentimental gift, all you need is a variety of colored card stock.

Think of all the reasons you adore grandma, such as her award-winning apple crumble, and hide them in geometric boxes.

Various Flower Soak

26. Various Flower Soak

Make homemade flower soaks for Mother’s Day and give Grandma the gift of peace and relaxation.

These varieties include dried roses, calendula, and blue cornflowers, as well as fragrant essential oils, Epsom salt, and pink Himalayan salt.

When she uses this creation, stress will be the last thing on her mind. You can also personalize each mixture by downloading and printing printable labels, allowing her to choose which one she wants on any given day.

Handmade Tote Bag

27. Handmade Tote Bag

 It’s quick and easy to do with iron-on transfer paper, which is available at craft stores and fits through any ink-jet printer.

Begin the craft by printing a drawing onto multiple sheets of paper, trimming out the design, and then using a dry iron to transfer the image to the canvas, as directed on the package.

Make a bold, modern statement by isolating one image from a busy drawing, or make a pattern by duplicating a single drawing several times.

Origami Heart Bookmarks

28. Origami Heart Bookmarks

This timeless gift is ideal for any grandmother who loves reading.

Heavy card stock, decorative paper, a utility knife, and glue are the only materials needed to complete this project. While it is simple to prepare, it is packed with love.

The heart-shaped design will make an unforgettable bookmark to help her keep track of where she is in her reading.

It will also give her another reason to think about her grandchildren throughout the day.

Fingerprint Mugs

29. Fingerprint Mugs

Warm grandma’s heart with a mug decorated with her child’s fingerprints is a meaningful present for grandma. That means you can even involve your children in this craft.

Floral Door Hanger

30. Floral Door Hanger

This floral beauty will make her smile every time she looks at it, whether she uses it to decorate her door, wall, or shelf. Trust. To begin, gather some hot glue and faux flowers.

Custom Apron

31. Custom Apron

Is your grandmother fond of spending time in the kitchen? If this is the case, have her name embroidered on an apron.

The apron can be decorative, like one she might have worn in the 1950s, or it can be functional, like keeping her “Best Grammy” T-shirt clean while she fries bacon for your grandfather.

Custom Embroidery Hoops

32. Custom Embroidery Hoops

Place Grandma at the head of the table and honor her with a personalized embroidery hoop.

We can embroider the desired letter in an embroidery hoop on a piece of fabric. Make any necessary adjustments to the fabric to ensure the letter is in the center of the hoop.

Remove excess fabric, leaving a one-inch overhang on all sides. Hot glue the overhang to the inside of the hoop.

 Pouches of Lavender

33. Pouches of Lavender

She’ll appreciate a fragrant lavender sachet to adorn her purse or drawer.

We can make this by using a vintage handkerchief and cut a 2-by-4-inch rectangle. Fold crosswise in half, pattern facing in. Sew the two sides together; turn the pouch right-side out.

Fill with lavender that has been dried. Close the opening by hand-stitching.

Handmade Frames

34. Handmade Frames

Frames for gallery walls can be expensive. And Grandma will adore seeing her favorite prints, family photos, or grandkids’ artwork displayed in this ingenious manner.

Surely they are a unique gift idea for grandma on DIY Mother’s Day. Thread a leather jewelry cord through the clip, knot at the top, and hang with a pushpin.

Wreath Photo Card

35. Wreath Photo Card

Nothing brings Granny joy like seeing her grandchildren’s happy faces, so make her a simple card with their portrait surrounded by a moss wreath.

Just cut a circle from a black-and-white photograph of the kids, pets, or the entire family; glue it to the front of a plain card. Hot glue lengths of Spanish moss around the picture to make a wreath.


Hopefully, with the 35+ DIY Mother’s Day gifts for grandma above, you can both learn how to make handmade items and create more useful items to give to grandma. Ohteeshirt wishes you a meaningful Mother’s Day with family and friends.

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