16+ Good Valentines Day Gift Idea

valentines day gift baskets diy

From bouquets of red roses to boxes of chocolates, gifts are a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for DIY Valentine’s Day gifts, here are 16+ Good Valentines Day Gift Idea selections for you. 

What Is The Meaning of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine, also known as Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on February 14. This is a special holiday in Western countries and now it is popular in many countries around the world.

Valentine’s Day means honouring the couple’s love, an opportunity for couples to show and express their feelings to the person they love. This is also an opportunity for young people to express their feelings through sweet wishes and meaningful gifts for each other.

How To Choose The Most Meaningful Valentine’s Gift for Valentine’s Day?

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, people often give each other meaningful gifts to express their feelings to their beloved half. If in the past on Valentine’s Day, people often gave roses, chocolates, and cakes, nowadays people tend to choose many other gifts to create more surprises and novelties.

Choosing reasonable valentine’s gifts is not an easy thing. Therefore, you need to follow these gift selection tips:

  • Choose gifts by age: If the gift chosen is not appropriate for the age, the recipient will not be able to use it, which is a waste and makes you lose points in his or her eyes.
  • Choose gifts according to the recipient’s interests and passions: Surely a gift according to that person’s preferences will be the most appropriate. Because it shows your care and understanding for the other party. This Valentine’s gift will be loved and used often.
  • Choose meaningful gifts: Each gift will have a different meaning, so you can give gifts according to the desired meaning. Gifts like giving lipstick with the meaning that I want to kiss you, giving you a perfume to create romance, giving you a pillow to protect you by your side, giving you an important watch to spend time together, etc.

Here are 16+ suggestions for you. 

Good Valentines Day Gift Idea For Loved Ones

Chocolate Gift Box

1. Chocolate Gift Box

Chocolate is a symbol of eternal love, with a deep meaning that in love there must always be bitterness to come to a sweet end.

Especially, how to make chocolate at home is super easy with a chocolate-making kit with full ingredients, a tray, a rotating box and detailed instructions to help you make chocolate successfully from the first time. It’s easy, isn’t it?

Nama chocolate

2. Nama Chocolate

For those who don’t like the bitter taste of chocolate, nama chocolate is a perfect choice. These are fresh chocolates that are soft inside and cocoa powder on the surface of the product you should choose.

The shape of this chocolate when looking at it looks very much like a cake with softness and can be felt. Nama chocolate is very famous and originated in Japan, is a high-class and meaningful chocolate, which can be given as a gift on Valentine’s Day.

Brownie Cakes

3. Brownie Cakes

Referring to the cakes with chocolate as the main ingredient, these delicious Brownie cakes are definitely not to be missed. Cakes with a simple and quick way of making, have great finished products.

The pieces of cake are cooked with the characteristic aroma of chocolate, when you eat, you will feel the softness of the cake, the sweet taste mixed with a bit of bitterness.

The cake can be easily combined with a few slices of strawberries, and blueberries, .. to create a mild sour taste to help neutralize the sweetness in the cake.

Chocolate Truffle Cookies

4. Chocolate Truffle Cookies

This is a great choice for a meaningful gift on Valentine’s Day. The beautifully shaped cookies are handcrafted with unprecedented care. Along with the sweet chocolate flavour mixed with a bit of strange bitterness from the truffle filling, served with a crispy cookie crust, it’s addicting to eat.

Chocolate truffle cookies are quite simple to make and can be sent to distant relatives without fear of broken cakes.

Handmade Photo Notebook

5. Handmade Photo Notebook

A diary is a hand-crafted photo diary that records information about an individual’s journey, event, or story and can be displayed with images, sentences or collections. 

Interesting range by design and initiative from the manufacturer. This is definitely an interesting topic for skilful and creative girls. The gift has a long-term use value and will help mark the beautiful love memories of you.

Wooden Music Boxes

6. Wooden Music Boxes

The wooden music boxes are meaningful decorative gifts, the other half is placed in the corner of the room and when looking at it, the same music plays to create a romantic and emotional moment. 

This interesting gift is sure to cause a stir for those who are looking for a love music box as a gift, suitable for decorating anywhere to make your room more cozy.

Packs of Candy With Sweet Wishes

7. Packs of Candy With Sweet Wishes

Candy and chocolate are familiar Valentine’s gifts, so make a little twist to surprise the recipient. Buy chocolates and candies for a box with meaningful wishes that you can choose to give your loved one on this special occasion. 

Make Sweet Valentine's Cards

8. Make Sweet Valentine’s Cards

Beautiful and impressive cards are always indispensable in gifts. So why don’t you make a unique handmade card yourself? Not too complicated, or fussy, with just a little ingenuity, you can complete a unique and extremely lovely card. Preparation materials only need decal paper, decorative coloured paper, beads, ribbons, and glue.

It is important that you choose the colors and arrange the details so that it is reasonable. Besides, do not forget to write a very loving and affectionate wish inside the card. A lovely card with a bouquet of fresh flowers or an unforgettable sweet chocolate bar is really a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

Sweet Heart Pillows

9. Sweet Heart Pillows

Pillows with red heart shapes are Valentines Day gift baskets DIY for boyfriend. A girlfriend can compose a message and put in the red heart the message will be delivered to that person. 

Handmade bracelets

10. Handmade bracelets

Bracelets are also a favourite Valentine’s gift for many people. There are different types and shapes for you to choose from. Silver, gold, platinum bracelets… 

Don’t think only women can wear bracelets, actually, men can wear them too. If you want the bracelet to be more special, you can make it yourself with ribbons, braids, pearls and gold ornaments. This Valentine’s gift is both novel and cute. 

11. Bouquet of Paper Roses 

Roses are still a symbol of passionate love for couples who love each other. It’s time to confess your heart to her with this delicate and meaningful gift, boys.

Desktop Calendar

12. Desktop Calendar

Long-distance relationships all involve communication and a desire to spend time together. Highlight the love shared across distances by gifting a custom desktop calendar. That way, you’ll be able to mark the next time you both can look forward to seeing each other.

Handmade Shawls

13. Handmade Shawls

The first hand-designed gift on February 14 for you is a shawl. Skilled girls can hand-knit warm scarves for their lovers. However, you should based on the weather where you live, balance the thickness of the towel accordingly.

Photo Albums

14. Photo Albums

Photo albums are also meaningful gifts to keep the couple’s memories. The recipient will feel very happy and cherished. You shouldn’t miss any Valentines day gift basket DIY selection for you. 

Clips To Celebrate 

15. Clips To Celebrate 

Besides photo albums, you can also create videos for your partner. There are also many tutorials on youtube that we can refer to. With just a little patience and a little time, you have Valentine’s gift for your lover already.

Romantic Dinners

16. Romantic Dinners 

If you are still wondering what Valentine’s gift to give, show off your cooking skills to bring an intimate and romantic dinner that will make your girlfriend or boyfriend emotional forever.

If you can’t prepare dinner at home, you can still make a gift for your loved one under the flickering candlelight and romantic melodious music at a restaurant with just enough shimmering lights, which will definitely be a great gift. 


February 14 is a very meaningful day for couples who have been and are in love, also because this is an opportunity for us to publicize our feelings for the other half of our hearts. If you liked this 16+ Good Valentines Day Gift Idea introduced by Ohteeshirt, please visit our website, you can also find additional content related to that Valentine’s Day.

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