16+ Special Gifts For a Military Boyfriend

gifts for a military boyfriend

If your boyfriend is working or studying in a military environment, he must have devoted and sacrificed a lot for his country. Therefore, that man deserves to receive special and meaningful gifts on every occasion or even on ordinary days.

And of course, the 16+ special gifts for a military boyfriend below will make him feel that you are very proud of him. Let’s refer!

Gift Ideas for Military Boyfriend

1. Ammo Can 

This ammo can gift set for the soldier is ideal and meaningful for you to show your pride and admiration for your boyfriend. He can use it many times, and when he sees it, he will always remember you. This is a very unique and useful gift for your military boyfriend.

Ammo Can 

2. Fleece Jacket

The military will often have to work with high intensity regardless of winter or summer. So a fleece or feather coat to help keep him warm in the cold winter is a perfect gift for your military boyfriend. Showing your love by taking care of your boyfriend’s health will make him feel even more in love with you.

Fleece Jacket

3. Beer Growler

Any man will like to relax after a hard-working day with a little beer to feel more comfortable. Surely your boyfriend is no exception, working in a military environment will leave him with less free time.

However, if he has free time, he will definitely love to enjoy some beer. So, giving him a beer growler is not a bad idea, he will feel comfortable with this special gift every time he uses it.

Beer Growler

4. Medallion Box

Your man will probably have a lot of important things to store. So this medal box is very suitable for your military boyfriend. He will be able to stash important things, commemorative photos of you and him.

Medallion Box

5. Army Soldier Statue

This is a great gift for you to show him that you appreciate and are proud of his dedication to his country. He can display this gift in the bedroom, on the desk. Every time he sees it, he will feel very proud of you.

Army Soldier Statue

6. Shotgun Whiskey Decanter 

This wine bottle set has a very unique and fancy design, it will make your boyfriend feel extremely excited. Sipping a little wine in this unique design will help him feel extremely interested and comfortable. And surely if he has friends to visit, they will be very impressed with this gift. 

Shotgun Whiskey Decanter 

7. Bullet Bottle Opener 

This bottle opener has a beautiful design. More specifically, it is made from real bullets with caliber 50, you can engrave your boyfriend’s name on it, and it will be extremely meaningful to him.

He can use it to open his favorite beers, wines, or drinks. It is a perfect gift to give to your military boyfriend.

Bullet Bottle Opener 

8. Pocket Knife

A pocket knife engraved with your boyfriend’s name is a very meaningful gift. His name engraved on the handle will give him the feeling that it is familiar and close to him.

This knife is perfect for him to carry daily or just to add to his knife collection. This can also be considered a great gift for your military boyfriend.

Pocket Knife

9. Personalized Shadow Box

Any soldier always wants to keep his memories or mementos for the army. So you can give him this glossy box so he can keep his pictures with his friends, or the badges he collects. Those will be the memorabilia that he always wants to keep for the rest of his life.

Personalized Shadow Box

10. Personalized Whiskey Stones 

This personalized ice box set will be a unique gift to give your man. The box set will include stainless steel bullet-shaped stones, a pair of tongs so your boyfriend can clean the stones, and finally a personalized wooden box to store them.

These fancy wine ice cubes will help your boyfriend keep his glasses of wine cold. The personalized wooden box will give you the freedom to engrave your name or whatever is meaningful to your boyfriend. This icebox set will surely make him extremely excited.

Personalized Whiskey Stones 

11. Classic Beer Map

If your boyfriend is a beer drinker to relax after a hard day at work, he probably also wants to collect unique bottle caps or bottle caps from his favorite drinks. So giving him a map to collect beer caps is an ideal gift. He can decorate it in his bedroom or office.

Classic Beer Map

12. Personalized Army Sign

You can choose a personalized wooden sign for your boyfriend. He will also sense that you are appreciating his sacrifice for the country. He can hang it in the living room, in the office, or anywhere when friends or guests come to see it.

Personalized Army Sign

13. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

What do you think about giving him a wall-mounted beer lighter? It will be very interesting, he can hang it in the dining room or living room. This would be a great gift for military personnel on any occasion, such as a birthday or when your lover is promoted in rank.

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

14. Personalized Watch

If you want to show your love for him, you can refer to this personalized watch as a gift. You can engrave a name or a loving message for that person.

So that every time he puts it on, he will feel that wherever he goes, wherever he goes, he will always have a loving friend by his side.

Personalized Watch

15. Sleeping Bag

Surely with the intensity of hard work outdoors, it will be difficult for your boyfriend to have a good night’s sleep. So help him out by giving him this folding sleeping bag.

It will help him sleep well when he has to go out to work. It also helps him feel that you care about him.

Sleeping Bag

16. Bond Touch Bracelets

If your boyfriend is in the military, it’s obvious that he’s away from home often. During the time he is away from work, you must feel very worried and difficult. So it makes a lot of sense to give him this bonding touch bracelet.

When you and he both wear this bracelet, whenever one of you touches it, the other’s bracelet will vibrate. This will make the distance easier for both of you, it will make both you and your partner feel more connected when apart.

Bond Touch Bracelets


In conclusion, having a long-term relationship with a military boyfriend is extremely difficult. So if you love him, sympathize with his work, and make sure you always welcome him back with open arms. There are many gifts for you to choose from for your loved one. 

However, if your boyfriend is working for the military, choosing a gift that is both appropriate and meaningful becomes not easy. Above are 16+ Special gifts for a military boyfriend suggested by Ohteeshirt you can refer to hopefully help you score points in your boyfriend’s eyes. 

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