30+ Anniversary Gifts For Boyfriend Of 2 Years

Anniversary gifts for boyfriend of 2 years

You have gone through 2 years in your relationship with your beloved boyfriend, so you should not miss any chance to make your upcoming 2nd anniversary unforgettable and put a smile on your boyfriend’s face. You want to make something unique for him but have no ideas. We won’t make you ponder this for too long.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of more than 30+ Anniversary gifts for boyfriend of 2 years that you shouldn’t miss. After that, you can enjoy a joyous and happy anniversary.

Perfect 2 year Anniversary Gift Ideas For My Boyfriend

1.  2nd Anniversary Collage

He’ll need assistance remembering this 2nd Anniversary Collage, though.

A digital file that can be used as a wall display or as the background for the home screen and screen lock of his PC and mobile device serves as the second-anniversary gift.

Also, you can upload your photos to Google Drive and post the link in an Etsy discussion.

2nd Anniversary Collage

2. Leather Card Wallet 

This leather card holder is evidence that sometimes little is more. It can fit four to six cards, some cash, and has a slot for credit cards in the middle and pockets on either side. The cardholder is handcrafted and hand-stitched; it feels like butter and receives an A+ for durability. Personalize it with your guy’s initials and choose the thread color he wants to use for stitching. 

Leather Card Wallet 

3. Date Night Cards 

With a box of creative suggestions, date night will never get boring again. Every week of the year is represented by a sealed envelope with a different date idea inside, with the exception of a week off represented by an empty envelope.

Also, there are five blank cards on which you can write your own ideas. Get the surprise edition for sporadic entertainment or the categorized edition that color-codes date suggestions for a little more management.

Date Night Cards 

4. Beer Mug For Two

You and your man both enjoy beer, so drinking it together can be just as romantic as drinking wine. You two appreciate the same varieties, and you adore visiting breweries for tours and tastings. As a gift for your second anniversary, it would only be appropriate to give your spouse or boyfriend a set of beer mugs that you can both enjoy together.

He would like these elegant customized mugs, which are substantial enough for any type of beer. Your drinks will be better protected from heat by the thick glass, allowing you to enjoy them throughout dinner. Moreover, there are never too many bottle openers!

 Beer Mug For Two

5. A Cotton Bathrobe 

There aren’t many conventional cotton anniversary gifts that your man would truly like, except for a boring set of sheets and strange cotton paintings. Why not wear a bathrobe? Both men and women enjoy wearing comfy bathrobes, and this exceptionally velvety velour robe is constructed of 100% cotton.

When the weather becomes colder, your boyfriend will wear this item all the time around the house. Thanks to your delightfully 2nd-anniversary gift for your boyfriend, he’ll be incredibly cozy and at ease.

A Cotton Bathrobe 

6.  Poker Set 

You are accustomed to your man’s routine after two years of dating. He attends a friend’s house every Thursday for poker night. Even though you frequently accompanied him and participated in the game, it wasn’t really your cup of tea. He frequently stated that he would like to have his own poker set so that he could host the weekly game, and he can now!

Give this personalized poker set as a gift for boyfriend of 2 years on the anniversary! Everything he needs is included, including two decks of cards, two sets of dice for use in other games, and four different color chips in a stylish fake leather carrying bag. His friends will beg for his expensive new poker set because they’ll be so envious of it.

Poker Set 

7.  His Favorite Things

You really battled with what to get your partner for your first anniversary. He enjoys a wide range of activities and interests. This year, you have a better understanding of his preferences: any type of beer, any type of alcoholic beverage, and the occasional fine cigarette.

It features a little bit of everything he loves, making this amazing gift package the ideal 2nd anniversary present for him! His new customized rocks glass will be the first thing he picks up when he wants a drink or a glass of straight whiskey.

His flask will always include a few ounces of his preferred booze when he is on the move. Or the nickel-plated bottle opener will be there for him if he feels like a beer. He’ll adore getting a new lighter for his cigarettes, too! Also, he may store anything he wants in the wooden gift box, from tools to souvenirs.

His Favorite Things

8. Marble Ashtray

Your guy is a sophisticated, charming gentleman who enjoys the occasional treat of a cigar. Well, he has an ordinary ashtray, but does he also have a lovely, personalized marble ashtray that serves as a distinctive piece of furniture? No? then present him with this gift package on your second anniversary!

Also, he will like to have a rock glass to hold his cigarette so that he may use that hand to handle a book or his phone. He will want to show off this amazing present to his friends as soon as he sees it, and you will undoubtedly be named the finest girlfriend or wife of the year.

Marble Ashtray

9. Wine Set

Speaking of sharing a few aperitifs, if you two prefer wine, this set is what you need! The huge stemless wine glasses are fantastic for red or white wine and can hold a considerable amount, so you two will adore them.

When you can’t find the corkscrew, the handy corkscrew multi-tool will make sure you never have to choose booze over wine again. You can begin a collection after uncorking by placing the cork inside the shadow box.

Wine Set

10. Cotton Shirt 

Men can always benefit from wearing extra clothing. They typically wait until their current wardrobe is irreparably damaged before buying new ones since they dislike shopping for clothes. Get him a set of cotton T-shirts as a classic but also quite a practical gift for your second anniversary.

He will now have new essential shirts to wear at home, underneath shirts for work, and while going out on the weekends. One of the most practical and considerate gifts for his second anniversary is unquestionably this set!

Cotton Shirt 

11. Personalized Puzzles

Make your significant other feel surprised on the 2-year anniversary by telling them a love tale using these Customized Puzzles. We’ll create a frame of love with your unique photos to display all the special occasions between you two.

When you can add names, personalized messages, and a particular date beneath the tree, it becomes even more stunning. This will be a cute anniversary gift for your boyfriend of 2 years and make him happy. 

Personalized Puzzles

12. 3D Led Light 

Send this programmable 3D LED light to someone who has everything as a second-anniversary gift and tell them, “You are every reason, every hope, every desire.” The brightest and most vibrant love light in your house or workplace will be this one-of-a-kind light.

Also, it features a built-in remote control so you can simply press a button to switch it on or off or change the colors. This lovely anniversary light will enlighten your future steps and is truly an eternal light.


  • Encourage sharing of joyful memories
  • Serve as a sincere reminder to honour two years of love.
  • Be a miniature work of art to commemorate your unique relationship.
3D Led Light 

13. Canvas Poster 

This lovely canvas is the ideal method to express your unwavering loyalty to the person who has the most significance to you. Send him this poster as a second-anniversary gift or get it custom to show him how much you care by ordering it as a picture gift. Make sure the pair will treasure this present for years to come!


  • Incorporate appeal into the couple’s interior design.
  • Serve as a singular symbol of unwavering affection.
  • Arrive prepared to hang
Canvas Poster 

14. Custom-engraved Keychain

When you choose this personalized keychain with engraving, you will unquestionably have an exceptional anniversary gift. Your sweetheart will be overjoyed to get such a considerate and original gift on the occasion, and all bespoke elements will be manufactured properly according to your requirements.


  • Personalized photo, date, and names
  • Exquisite engraving
  • Creative design
Custom-engraved Keychain

15. Silver Watch

Your anniversary with your boyfriend is always a good time to give a presentation. This elegant men’s watch is a beautiful gift that shows your thoughtfulness on your anniversary. By including a personalized statement or engraving, you may make this his most unforgettable occasion. He will be amazed by the gorgeous clock’s black leather strap.


  • Act in a way that shows him that you care about and appreciate him.
  • That is a picture of unending love.
  • An enduring reminder that would always make him think of you
 Silver Watch

16. The Anniversary Clock

Show the months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds that have passed since your special day to commemorate your anniversary. On your anniversary or by pressing a button, personalize and play your favorite song with the integrated MP3 card slot! The most distinctive and sentimental present of the season is an anniversary watch!


  • Very lovely, stunning
  • Elegant with a traditional aesthetic
  • A regal gift of holiness
The Anniversary Clock

17. Cute Socks

The cozy and fashionable socks make the ideal personalized anniversary present for either person. Any couple will like this incredibly comfy gift, whether it’s for a dating anniversary or a wedding anniversary. These socks are perfect for you if you’re looking for a gift or celebrating an anniversary.


  •  Manufactured with premium components
  • Incredibly cozy and fluffy
  • Warm up your feet.
 Cute Socks

18. Photo Cube

To make your classy wooden block, choose your image. The unending motion of this special gift will make your loved one happy and smile. The ideal second anniversary present for him that would make him happy is this.


  • Crafted from premium natural wood
  • Interesting present
  • Surprise your partner.
Photo Cube

19. Silver Chain

When he receives this chain, your boyfriend will be in wonder because it is so magnificent. Although we can’t predict how he would respond to your gift, we are confident that the chain will help him feel your affection.


  • A fantastic present for him
  • A gargantuan Cuban link chain appropriate for any occasion
  • Include a sentimental message
Silver Chain

20. Desktop Photo Frames

A souvenir photo frame is a more informal gift that would be ideal for a lover if you are in a long-distance relationship. On the occasion of their two-year anniversary, a lovely tiny photo frame for a picture of the two of them together is a memorable gift. It should make it simple for your partner to see it every day.

Desktop Photo Frames

21. A Love Letter

To make your anniversary romantic and unforgettable, a love letter will be a meaningful gift for boyfriend on the 2nd anniversary that makes him feel more surprised and touched than ever. You can write letters on pretty cards so he can open them and read them again when he remembers you.

A paper card with a simple design, not too fussy or colorful, but with a beauty that is easy to go into people’s hearts, making the recipient impressed. A set of cards includes envelopes, cards, and sealing stickers to ensure the secrecy of your love messages.

 A Love Letter

22. Stone Lotus Pot

Love is like a seed; it requires a lot of work, patience, and care from both parties to sprout, develop, and bear fruit. In this way, a table pot filled with succulent plants is a thoughtful gift that your man will appreciate on this second anniversary in addition to being “green” and full of positive connotations of love.

The plant known as the stone lotus has a simple, rustic appeal, yet it also exudes a powerful, vivid energy. As a result, the stone lotus is frequently used in modern weddings as a representation of steadfast and pure love. A tiny potted lotus plant on the desk will also provide that person with the relaxing green area they really need after a long, demanding day at the office.

Stone Lotus Pot

23. Designed Pillow

Designed pillow – a good choice for an anniversary gift for your boyfriend of 2 years. What is that person’s nickname in your phone book? To offer your partner on this anniversary, order a personalized cushion with your love message and his nickname. He will immediately think of you as soon as he goes to sleep each night.

Designed Pillow

24. Love Bracelet

Love bracelet is the pink thread that “ties” two people together. Just wear the bracelet, and both of you will feel like the other is by your side, going through all difficulties with you. Giving meaningful bracelets shows deep and lasting love, expressing sincerity, and desire for a long-term relationship. Besides, the bracelet also expresses the desire to have stable, long-lasting love, and deep affection.

Love Bracelet

25. Phone Case 

A phone case is a small gift, but it is not simple but extremely useful with the function of protecting his “phone” from unexpected shocks. Especially now there are many lovely cases for couples to use to assert their sovereignty. You can set the phone case design to the liking of you and your boyfriend.

Phone Case 

26. A Brand of Perfume

A perfume bottle with a scent that you find suitable for his personality will be a great gift for the 2nd anniversary of love. Of the released men’s fragrances, perhaps Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme is the most popular.

Born in 1996, Acqua di Gio has become familiar with v. Possessing fresh notes of lemon, orange, seawater, peach, cedar wood, and white musk, Acqua di Gio is the image of a gentleman in a white shirt with a bright smile. but very masculine, and attractive. Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme can be called a “national” guy because of its mild fragrance, suitable for use in all types of weather, climate, and circumstances.

A Brand of Perfume

27. Hair Gel

Hair is not only important for women, but men also need to be groomed and change their hairstyle every day to refresh themselves. A bottle of hair gel will be a very meaningful and practical gift you give your boyfriend on this anniversary.

The gel helps to improve and protect the hair against external influences. Along with that is the ability to nourish hair, limit damage to the hair, keep it shiny, and be suitable for short hair with a pleasant, gentle fragrance to bring a completely new look to you.

Hair Gel

28. Personal Notebook

On the occasion of this 2-year anniversary, you can “remind” him with a planner book to plan travel and financial planning! Also, a notebook helps him keep track of his daily activities and form habits, make lists of personal goals and interests, and jot down important things. A compact notebook should be easy to carry anywhere and still be large enough to take notes.

Personal Notebook

29. Elegant Vest

Young men are often “easy” with their vests. It is not difficult to choose a vest as a gift for a boyfriend, because stores now sell ready-made vests in quite standard sizes. When you give him a vest, your boyfriend can wear it to participate in meetings, year-end parties, and important events at the beginning of the new year.

Surely thanks to the clever choice of his girlfriend, the guy will feel extremely proud and proud when wearing that vest you gave him!

Elegant Vest

30. Interesting Book 

Some people love to read books, if your boyfriend is also this type, what are you waiting for to buy him a suitable book?

This is an inexpensive anniversary gift but also a bit difficult to choose. Because there are so many book titles, from novels and short stories to topics about business, personal development, etc. You have to select the right topic you like, but you have not read it to make sense.

In return, the purchase is quite easy, you can go to a bookstore, or buy it online. You can also write a few lines on the front page to add meaning to the gift.

Interesting Book 


In conclusion, there are a variety of presents you can give your partner on the second anniversary. I’ve shown you some possible anniversary gifts for a boyfriend of 2 years. Now that you know them, Ohteeshirt hopes you’ll pick the ideal one so you may celebrate joyously and happily with him.

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