The Regal Beagle Company Threes Funny Sitcom Shirt

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Welcome to Ohteeshirt, the place to satisfy your fashion needs. We have a sale The Regal Beagle Company Threes Funny Sitcom Shirt that will certainly not let you down and is always suitable for all occasions.

Products have many sizes, from size S to size 5XL, suitable for everyone, from fat to thin, from old to young. Besides, our products have most of the basic colors like black, navy, royal, purple, gold, orange, red, and maroon, or more unique colors like forest green, Irish green, dark heather, and sport gray, in accordance with personal preferences, as well as optimizing the choice for customers to help buyers easily choose the product they like.

Products with 100% cotton material will bring comfort to customers when used; the material is easy to absorb sweat, soft for the most sensitive skin, and suitable for children.

We recommend hand washing with cold water, sun drying, and not using bleach to keep the quality of the shirt from fading or becoming ruffled.

With these super hot items, we guarantee that you will have a great outfit when combined with any item in your wardrobe. If you want to stand out, you can add accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to highlight the outfit more.

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Ohteeshirt is a store that offers a wide range of shirts with countless unique designs, diverse colors, and designs suitable for everyone. We take pride in our products and are confident in giving you a great shopping experience.

Shirts with 100% cotton material at the Ohteeshirt booth.

What is 100% Cotton Fabric?

100% cotton fabric is a fabric woven from 100% natural cotton fibers, mixed with a small amount of chemicals to increase product quality.

Cotton fibers are harvested, brought to the processing plant, and cleaned to remove impurities. After that, some substances are added to make the surface of the fabric anti-rot, etc., and then the fabric is spun and woven. Derived entirely from natural cotton fibers, the fabric is very comfortable on the wearer's skin and environmentally friendly.

Advantages of 100% cotton fabric.

  • Good absorbency: The fabric is made of 100% cotton, so the absorbency is very good. Therefore, when wearing clothes made of fabric, you will feel comfortable and airy, especially on hot summer days.
  • Safe for skin: 100 percent cotton fabric is woven entirely from natural cotton fibers and treated with impurities, so it is safe for the skin. For sensitive, easily irritated skin or children's skin, we recommend using products from this fabric.
  • Breathable to wear: Our cotton fabric is knitted with a single weave pattern with even holes on the surface and is not too thick, so it feels very cool to wear. On summer days, items made from this fabric will be worth considering.

Shirt lines using 100% cotton fabric at Ohteeshirt.

  • Brand: Ohteeshirt
  • User object: Mens, Womens, Kids
  • Style: Classic T-Shirt, Ladies T-Shirt, Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Men Tank Top, Women Tank Top, Youth T-Shirt
  • Color: Black, Navy, Royal, Purple, Gold, Orange, Red, Maroon, Forest Green, Irish Green, Dark Heather, Sport Grey
  • Size: Adult shirt: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL; Young shirt: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Heavy Fabric: 4-6 oz
  • Printing technique: DTG

Shirts with 50% cotton 50% Polyester (Cottonpoly fabric) material at the Ohteeshirt booth.

What is Cottonpoly Fabric?

Cotton poly is a fabric made from synthetic fibers, created by the process of mixing available natural cotton fibers with man-made polyester fibers. Thanks to that, it has outstanding features compared to 100% natural cotton fabric.

The main ingredient in this fabric is the ethylene fiber found in polyester fabric. This fiber is derived from petroleum. And it helps create new advantages for this material. These are: better quality of clothes, lighter weight of clothes, high durability and strength of fabric, and a low price compared to the market.

Advantages of cottonpoly  fabric.

  • Durable: Applying the most advanced technology, poly cotton fabric has a very special material: firm, light elasticity. The fabric has high durability; the material is soft but strong, tough, and not ruffled or mushy after a period of use.
  • Anti-wrinkle - good dirt resistance: With the structure of this fabric, the user's shirt will be guaranteed to be anti-wrinkle and dust-proof when finished using it. As a result, the shirt will dry faster when washed, making it difficult to be damaged, wrinkled, or used for a long time.
  • User-friendly: Fabric materials are extremely safe and environmentally friendly, eliminating all harmful substances and discomfort for users. Cotton poly is suitable for all skin types, including skin that is easily irritated by chemical elements in the fabric.

Shirt lines using cottonpoly fabric at Ohteeshirt.

  • Brand: Ohteeshirt
  • User object: Mens, Womens, Kids
  • Style: Pullover Hoodie, Crewneck Sweatshirt, Youth Hoodie
  • Color: Black, Navy, Royal, Purple, Gold, Orange, Red, Maroon, Forest Green, Irish Green, Dark Heather, Sport Grey
  • Size: Adult shirt: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL; Young shirt: XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Material: 50% cotton – 50% polyester
  • Heavy Fabric: 8 oz
  • Printing technique: DTG

Care Instructions.

  • When using: To prevent the shirt from growing mold and odor, it is advisable to wash it as soon as possible after a day of use.
  • If you don't want your favorite shirt to end up spotty, avoid washing it with other colors, especially dark-colored t-shirts.
  • Use powerful detergents sparingly, and never, ever use bleach on colored clothing.
  • Fabric softeners should not be used since they will soon stretch your cotton t-shirt. Use scented conditioners in its place.
  • Hot ironing: Use a steam iron instead of a metal iron. It is best to iron the shirt on the lowest setting and turn it inside out before ironing to avoid reducing the color of the shirt.
  • Preserving: Avoid leaving the shirt in humid places because, with its good moisture and water absorption, the shirt will easily mold, even leaving stains on the shirt.
  • For hot ironing, switch to a steam iron from a metal one. To avoid fading the shirt's color, it is advisable to iron the shirt on the lowest setting and flip it inside out first.
  • Avoid leaving the shirt in humid areas as it may readily mildew and may even pick up stains due to its high moisture and water absorption capacity.

We hope the above details have helped you better understand our products. Make everyday shopping easy and convenient with Ohteeshirt.

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